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Saturday, November 04, 2006

This feels so much better.

So, I was feeling pretty down after my last post but then Amy sent me a link to

The great thing about this is I truly think that many people live so unaware of how very little human contact they have in their lives. You see, I am a hugger. I hug everybody. Really. I hug my family, I hug my friends, I hug my coworkers, I hug my patients, I hug my patient's families. I hug everybody.

I hug everybody because it feels good. It feels good to hug someone and feel that moment when they relax against you and take it in. It feels good to have someone hug me and feel like "I matter" and this person is acknowledging that.

So, good for this young man. I know that he is 24 years old and from Australia. He was featured on Oprah and on local newscasts in Australia. He has been the inspiration for "Free Hugs" campaigns all over the world (LA, Tel Aviv, South America, Korea, etc.).

How long has it been since you have hugged someone other than your family? Would you take a moment to hug someone you have never hugged before? OK, not comfortable with a stranger, then how about a coworker, a neighbor, a fellow parent from your child's school?

Give out a hug today to someone who may not have expected it. See what happens. You might be surprised.


At 9:53 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

i come from a family of huggers, too, so i can totally relate. love the video!


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