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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday night fun

Aaah, it's Friday night here at Chez Knittingnurse. What a relief to have this week go by. DH just got back into town this evening after having been gone all week on business. Of course, as if on cue, DS decides that he needs to be a slightly bit moody and snappish right before his father comes home. . .I was a good girl and I let it all roll of my back (mostly) but I felt bad having DH come home to moody teenage boy. UGH!

Tomorrow I am going to the Carolina Fiber Fest with my buddy. I certainly don't need anymore yarn but when the festival is only 15 mins away, how could I NOT go? Besides, it's being held at the NC State Fairgrounds which also happens to have the NC State Flea market one of my favorite "picking" spots in the area for vintage items to fill my Etsy shop, "Something from the Heart". One of my best friends and I each have vintage online shops via Etsy and we go picking together for items to fill our shops. Her shop is lovely as well and you can see it here.

Oh and, btw, did I tell you all that I won a contest and got to dance with Derek Hough? You know as in from "Dancing with the Stars"? yep, that Derek.

I didn't mention it you say? Hmmmm, well, I'll save that juicy story for next time. I'm curling up in bed with hubby now. Good night all!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miscellaneous crafting and surfing

Have you found Pinterest yet? OMG! It's amazing and highly addictive. So, here's the low down: once you have an invite and set up your account, you can set up a series of 'boards' where you can 'pin' items that you find online and what to be able to get back to. How often have you seen a craft idea or a new blog or a cool new product and want to remember where to find it. But, if you bookmarked everything you bookmark list would be a mile long. Just think of it as a series of virtual bulletin boards where you can post all the information. Plus, you can organize all your pins by boards; a recipe board, craft board, tutorial board, blog board, etc., etc. . . . It's AWESOME. Then, not only do you get to organize and get to all these pages you wanted to remember, but, you can see other people's board and their pins and they can see yours. So, it's a great place to get more leads to find cool stuff online and to promote yourself, your blog, friends shops, etc.....

Be careful though. It's a world of it's own and HIGHLY addictive!!! So, what kind of things can you find? All sorts of craft ideas and tutorials. Here's an example for you all.

What happens when you take this:

and this:

along with a little glass cement???

You get THIS:

Cute huh? I think it's a lovely little cupcake, tea sandwiches or pastry stand. It's not big enough to be a full cake but, how many times have you wanted to set out a "little" something and a cake stand is just too big? Like if you are having tea with your bestie. The two of you don't need a full cake but a few treats would look great on this stand.

I can't wait to try it out. . . . .

I also have been posting all sorts of vintage goodies and some of my photographs for sale in my Etsy shop. Wanna see? Go ahead and go take a look, why don't you? Let me know what you all think. . .I'd be really interested in hearing what you all think.

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