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Sunday, April 23, 2006


OK, so WHAT was up with tonight's TV lineup? Seriously! I mean, SERIOUSLY?!

Let's start the night off with The West Wing, shall we? Great episode, loved the whole Donna setting Josh straight deal. LOVED seeing Sam (who doesn't love to look at Rob Lowe? Seriously?) I always did love to see the eventual melt-down that Josh always has when there is a LOT going on. He's so nuts but SO predictable. I love seeing the "take charge - carpe diem" side of Donna. Y'know, it's about freakin'time with the 2 of them. Then, I am sitting there at the end. I hear the words that I always want to hear at the end of a show. "Stay tuned for scenes from an all new (insert show name here) coming next". And then, WHAM - straight into Law & Order Criminal Intent. What was THAT? Where were my previews people?!? Seriously! I need my previews to hold me over for the full week until the show is back on. What did those dang broadcasters do???? Ack!

Ok, Ok, it's all good. There's a "synopsis" episode of Desperate Housewives on. Now, let me explain. I don't routinely watch DH. No, really, I don't. I hear my co-workers talk about it every Monday. THIS is how I am hooked to so many shows. Lunch time TV talk. I HATE not knowing what they are all talking about. So, I watch here and there. So, I got the synopsis show tonight. Yeah! I'm caught up for now. (not committing to the show - at least not now). All is good there although, eh, I'm not too worried about it.

THEN, the show of shows is on. Grey's Anatomy. I've been in deep withdrawal now for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS! So, I settle in and I have my knitting waiting (tee hee) when, POW, it's a synopsis show. Another GA synopsis show. We've HAD a GA synopsis show. I want a new episode. A real episode. It's not fair. I've been good haven't I? I've done all the waiting and rationalizing about how it'll be OK and that a new episode is coming (with hunky Chris O'Donnell no less) and that sanity will once again rule my kingdom. But, NOOOOOOOOOO, they throw yet another wrench in the system and play a synopsis show. AUGH! Well, at LEAST I got the previews for next week to think about - at least they gave me THAT much!

I'm going to bed now. I'm going to dream of the visions of GA preview scenes in my head. Chris (Vet) O'Donnell asks Meredith out, George and Callie get it on, Burke and Christine do their little 'dance', Denny, Izzie and Alex continue the triangle, Bailey is back in full force and Addison and Derrick fall apart (OK, so that's not what happens - YET - but it's MY dream, remember?).

God I hope I can sleep!