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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I wish I could be there

I want so much to be here but unfortunately, DH has more business stuff to attend to than ever imagined and so I must be home to play stay at home mom. UGH! I so wanted to be a part of Represent (read the whole post please) because I don't think muggles truly understand how many of us, knitters/crocheters that is, there really are. I don't think they understand WHO we are either (all ages, all types, both sexes, etc.) and therefore underestimate the power of us as a whole.

Sigh. I'm passing on the info in case any of you don't know about this but can make it. If so, take a pix with the traveling sock for me, kay?

BTW, speaking of knitting, (lest you all think I am a complete liar) I have been knitting on the hood of Arwen. I THOUGHT I would have, no scratch that. I SHOULD have a picture of some progress.

Why isn't it here? Well, that would be because I misread my place on the cable chart and therefore crossed cables incorrectly which lead to frogging of MANY, MANY rows of knitting (sob, sob). I truly did almost cry, tears welled up but didn't spill. Sigh.

So I had to frog back to a point where the cables were correct AND where I knew where I was on the chart. This meant frogging much more than beyond the error. (AACK!)

I had to put it down. I couldn't photograph the failure and ensuing disasterous frogging. I might pick it up tonight for Grey's. Believe it or not, I haven't screwed it up while watching that show, just while watching American Idol (must be all the angst over Sanjaya still being there). Course, I just totally jinked myself didn't I?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Somebody just shoot me now!

I can't believe we have to listen to him again next week.

Good grief.


I love Starbucks!

I do anyway but tomorrow, March 15th from 1000 am to noon, they will be giving away free coffee!

So, how many different Starbuck branches do you guys think I can hit for a free cup of joe?

tee hee


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


OK, so my shows have all sucked lately. Why you ask? Well first there's the debacle that is American Idol. AACK! Sabrina is gone but Hayley stayed on? WTF???? Sundance is gone but Sanjaya lives? DOUBLE WTF?!?!?!? I guess there is no accounting for America's taste. After tonight's performances I don't see how Sanjaya would be able to look himself in the mirror if someone else got eliminated. Seriously. He's made the top 12. He's going on the AI tour after the show. Enough already. I want to hear people sing and not just see what else he can do with his hair. Seriously. He did the Farrah flip, the grunge scrunched look, the flat ironed style, the ponytail at the nape and now the permed look. ENOUGH! All that's left for him to do is freak and pull a Britney Spears! America, open your ears and LET HIM GO AWAY ALREADY!

Then, THEN Rob and Amber got ousted on The Amazing Race. OMG! The worst part of that whole deal was that he KNEW the path Magellan took but he misspelled Phillipines. AND, he even said "this better not be a spelling thing". I was screaming at the TV. Honestly, I almost cried when they got eliminated. What a bunch of CRAP! They were the best team the first time they raced and they were again this time. They were just so OFF this last leg. . . . .sigh. . . .I really, really, really wanted them to win. Worse yet, we have to watch the crazy cousins (aka Charla and Myrna) for at least 1 more week. Blech!

We haven't had a Grey's in a couple of weeks and I am so GLAD that there will finally be a new one this week. Btw, have any of you done this? No? Well, I did and the results were:

You are Addison!

You are strong and independent and oh so capable, but sometimes you wish you had a shoulder to cry on. When it all gets to be too much, you might find one where you least expect it. You've been unlucky in love before, but maybe it's finally time for you to find lasting happiness. But no matter what is going on with you personally, you can take pride that you make a difference, every day.

Hmmmmm, not sure how I feel about that. I took the dang thing THREE times and each time was the same (y'know, there were a couple of questions where I could have gone between 2 answers - so I tried again).

Knitting newsflash! Arwen has a grafted sleeve cuff and the beginnings of a hoody! Pictures tomorrow (promise)

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