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Saturday, March 08, 2008

On a dime

So, I hadn't blogged about this but, if there were a time to blog about it, the time would be now. Last weekend (exactly 1 week ago today) we drove up to OH to trade in my husband's Pontiac bonneville for his newest car, a black cherry Cadillac CTS. Yep. My FIL works for GM and we lease cars via the employee leasing program. The lease on the Bonneville was up and we got a deal on the CTS. It was a sweet and beautiful car.

Operative word is "was".

Tonight on the way home from dinner, less than a half a mile from home (actually just 1 turn left to get into the development) we were in an accident. We were coming up on the last intersection before our development when a car coming from the other direction thought they had enough time to turn left in front of us. Yeah, not so much.

The Caddy? Well, I may not know that much about cars but I do know when a car is beyond repair. Ours is. I'm sure. The entire front end of our car came up to the dash. Literally.

Each and every single airbag in that thing deployed. Both Front bags, both front side bags, both back side bags and, unless I was just too in shock, maybe one from the back window? Is that even possible? Maybe not. But DEFINITELY all 5 of the other ones did. BTW, that dust released by airbags when they deploy is horrible. My throat is still scratchy from inhaling it but if that's the worse I have to complain about, it's all good.

Let me tell you all something. That Cadillac? Worth every penny if I were to buy one. We were all, of course, wearing seatbelts but considering the damage to the car, I can't believe that we all walked out without a scratch. Sore? Absolutely. But nothing broken or cut. The inside passenger area (what is that called again?) held up to the impact. It was a bit difficult for people to open the two front doors but they did open and DS's door in the back opened without a hitch. DH and DS were sore but not in any real pain. I, on the other hand, had a sore neck so, I got a nice ride in a shiny ambulance on a back board with a C-collar. UGH! Thankfully my CT and Xrays were all OK and we were all just warned by the ED staff about how horribly sore we will be in the morning. Great. DS was such a champ. Didn't even really complain once. All he was was worried about me. Such a big guy. He said he was "sore, but OK".

3 1/2 hours and a cab ride home later, we are back and trying to wind down from the whole thing. Boy, it makes you really think of how absolutely precious and fragile life is. Would the Bonneville have held up as well? What if one of us happened to have not had our seatbelt on (we ALWAYS do but, y'know it makes you think). Thank God that we are all conscientious enough to wear seat belts and that the car held up so well (bless you GM). Poor hubby is on the phone making a claim with the other driver's insurance company.

We are going to go the the towing place tomorrow to gather up anything left in the car and to take pictues. Funny, the first pictures that I will be posting taken with my new camera is going to be of our new, but totalled, car.

You'll remember just how quickly things can change when you see the picture. I am just so happy that we are all OK.

Remember to kiss your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. Oh, and one more thing. . . .

always wear your seatbelts!

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Look at what I just found.

I just joined BZZAGENT and have started to do some survery and reviews for them. In relation to my reviews, I just found this:

Visit HeatEatReview

How cool is this? I have to get frozen foods for us as sometimes I just don't have time to cook from scratch. Who wants to cook after working 12 hours and being out of the house for nearly 14? Anyhow, often I would like to try new companies or meals but get leery as I have had quite a few meals that I just don't like or that are so pitiful in amounts that I have to eat something else right after. I think I will be using this reference when looking for new options. It even provides all the nutritional info I want to look at.

Who knew?

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not really a quiz but still. . . . .

69 words

Speed test

So, I've been consumed with that time sucking addiction that is Ravelry especially the Ravelry Games Group. Sigh. I'm such a geek. I have so much fun with word play games though and that's what this group is all about. DH thinks it's a hoot to see me on the forum. Oh well.

I'm all into AI again this year. I have to say though, I don't know what the fuss is about. Randy, Paula and Simon keep speaking about how "it's the best season of American Idol ever!" Really? Huh, I just don't see it that way. I am also really surprised that there are so many contestants that have had other singing careers and yet they are in the competition anyway. I mean some of them have had recording contracts before. I guess it's within the rules but, I think the opportunity should be given to people who have never had that chance. Oh well, what do I know?

I must say though that David Cook's performance last night was one of the best performances I have ever seen on the show. I think his vocals where spot on and his arrangement/interpretation of the song was so current and, as the judges say so often, very very relative to today's music scene. Missed it? Well, here ya go:

He's a bit of a hottie in that song, dontcha think? I don't know what Simon is thinking but he definitely had charm and charisma with that performance. Do you all think they will release a full version of that song on iTunes or just that little bit from the show? I hope they do the full version because I really want to get it. Even DH thought that he did really well with the song's arrangement and performance. So, there ya go.

I guess I haven't done my "who's going home" predictions this year have I? OK, better late than never. From the guy's last night, I think that Luke and Danny should go home but since Danny is this year's Sanjaya, then Luke and maybe Michael will go. It's a toss up for me between Michael and Jason. But I hope I am wrong and Danny goes.

My neighborhood just started a book club. We are meeting on our first book next week. We read "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Piccoult. Wowza! Good but intense read. I want to read some of her other titles but I need to stay on course with book club so I might use another of her titles as a "between" book. We haven't decided what we are going to read next but among the ones we are talking about choosing are:

The Glass Castle; The Next Thing on my List; Water for Elephants.

I'm also going to suggest 1000 Splendid Suns as that was recommended to me by a friend.

What are you reading now? Do you belong to a book club? Can you read and knit at the same time? If so, how? Do you take your knitting to your book club meetings?

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