Just a place where I can sit and write my thoughts on my newest passion. . . . . knitting. Hopefully, I will better document my progress throughout knitting and get in touch with others as obsessed as I am!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's going on?

Well, it seems as though I keep thinking that there's a lot to blog about but when I sit down. . . . .writer's block. I can't think of all the stuff I want to say. So, if I am a bit disjointed, I apologize. It rained here last night. . . .AGAIN.....Our grounds is so soaked that it feels really mushy to walk on grass. yuck! Even Sunny doesn't want to go out and has been doing her business on the walk up to the house rather than get on the grass. The rain of course has done nothing to help with the extremely high pollen count around here and everyone looks as though they have been crying for weeks b/c of their allergies. VERY attractive. Poos DS had 2 solid weeks of 3-4/week baseball practice then had 2 straight weeks of all games/practice cancelled due to rain. He got to play his first game (finally) this past Wednesday but then last night's game got rained out again! His team did win their first game so at least it was worth the wait. DS? He got to go to bat twice and was walked both times. He drew 4 straight balls at his first at bat and then had a full count on his second try. Kept a good hold of his bat and a good eye on the ball and got another walk! Woo hoo.
He is showing off his "raspberry" in the second picture. He slid into third when forced to run but despite his great effort, was tagged out. Oh well, at least he got his first official slide out of it right?

On the knitting front (oh yeah, this IS a knitting blog), I did tell you all that I finished the sassy socks right? Lovely, lovely, lovely to work on I must say. I used the Lorna'e laces sheperd sock yarn in the sassy coloway gifted to my by the fabulous AMY of Yarntopia fame using this pattern. Here's a really BAD picture but a picture nonetheless:

I LOVE them. Thanks so much AMY. They are fab and so are you! I've started another pair of socks now. I am FINALLY attempting the Jaywalkers. Can you believe it? After all this time? I know, I know, I can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

As far the alpaca and silk. I've yet to fully decide what to make. I am think that I am going to go with Wendy's "Somewhat cowl" in the longer sleeve version but am not 100% convinced. I know what I think I want it to look like, but I have yet to see "it" in a pattern, y'know? This stuff is so GORGEOUS, I want to be sure to use it in something that is IT for me. Therefore, the search goes on.

Besides the socks I am still working on my beaded shawl. I have slowed down considerably with that project, but, it will get done prior to the fall and that's the next time I will really be able to use it anyway.

OK, so write in, comment and let me know what you all think and are up to. It's been quiet on the comments. Oh, well, maybe that's because I've been such a slacker blogger huh? Yeah, I know. Sorry.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh yeah. . . . .

I would like to say that I hear the title of this post as the song from this movie when thinking of this quiz. . . . . .

I'm a Ferrari 360 Modena!

You've got it all. Power, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental. Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

tee hee! Thanks to Erin for posting this quiz!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Suggestions anyone?

OK, so this weekend I went to a LYS and got some Blue Sky Alpaca "Alpaca and Silk" in the apple green colorway (color i16). I got home and realized I had a few other skeins of it. . . . . I now have a total of 9 skeins! NINE! That's enough to make a significant piece. So, my question is, what do I make out of this FABULOUS lot???? I originally bought 5 skeins, thinking I had 2 at home to make the Somewhat Cowl. But now I realize that instead of 7 skeins, I have 9. NINE! so, again, what should I make with this huh???????