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Sunday, October 29, 2006

We are getting close to the home stretch. . .

No pun intended with the title of this post but we are down to just 5 days until the closing! Woo hoo! Then, we will have just 7 days until the house here is packed up and taken away and we all (2 adults, 1 child, 1 dog and 5 fish) climb into the SUV and head on down to our new hometown. Speaking of SUV, have any of you heard this song? OK, deep down inside I KNOW that I should think of getting something other than an SUV however, who else is going to haul all my mulch, plants, appliances, furniture, etc. that we buy???? Do you know how often we haul stuff for other people as well??? I actually USE the SUV as a truck. Truly. (I must say though that I still feel guilty about it whenever I go to the gas pumps). Oh and by the way, I do NOT weigh 90 pounds. (Don't I wish I did though!) >wink<

So, back to my topic. 5 days people! Yeah! Of course, our house here has yet to sell (rats). I'm still prayin' that it will. We are blessed that DHs relocation package allows for our house to be "assumed" by the relo company but we will get a better deal if we sell it ourselves so, that's what we are still trying to do. My new mantra is "the buyer is coming this week", "the buyer is coming this week". Repeat with me as you see fit.

I actually HAVE been knitting (believe it or not). I've done a little on the little leaf scarf, a little on the twinsie socks (twins of my good friend Caroline) and a little on the Dave from Chub Creek size 11 (crapola) socks. I just haven't focused enough on any single project to finish one up. Too much distraction going on.

Speaking of which: y'know how you make choices and changes in your life and often times you wonder "Was that the right thing to do?" Sometimes, well, most of the time, that question is never answered and you just go on with your gut feeling that it was right (or at least with the thought - "hell, it's too late to turn back now") but. . . . . .everyone once in a great while, God, the cosmos, kismut, karma or whatever else you believe in jumps in and let's you know that YES this is the right thing to do. Well, we are having these moments about our relocation.

First, and most important, DH is SOOO much happier with this job. He is finally able to do his job and see the appreciation and get the accolades that he is deserving of. His boss and coworkers are great people and are truly interested in DH as a person and not just a body there to do their bidding. He has quite a bit of responsibility but he is being given his due respect and everyone is truly appreciative of the hard work that he is doing. That was the first true "sign" that we are making the right move.

Next, we found a house that meets pretty much all of our 'wants'. We wanted a certain square footage, number of rooms and layout/look to the home. Check. We wanted a home in a community with a pool. Check. We wanted a flat, fenced in usable back yard. Check. We wanted to be close to the schools. Check. I wanted to be close to the church. Check. So, that was our next sign.

NOW, I had a huge sign from God as well. This past Thursday, my hospital did some restructuring. 42 open positions were frozen and aren't being filled. 37 people were either let go or displaced to other positions in the hospital. Out of 9 hospital based Nurse Educators, they shaved that down to 5. Seniority-wise I would have been out of that group. Had I not been leaving already, I would have probably had to take the severance package and find another job. Whew. Now, it was kind of awkward on Friday b/c I know that had it not been for the fact that I was leaving on 11/7 anyway, I would not have had a job but, MAN was I ever glad that I was leaving. I would have been offered options on some of the open positions but the shifts would not have worked for us and I would have had to take severance and look for other work. I am so blessed to be going to NC right now. And God is making sure that I know it. Isn't it awesome when you DO get the answers to the doubts?

Thanks again for the reassurance God. You always let me know that things will be OK.


At 6:32 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

so glad things are working out for the best - that's crazy about your current job...definitely a sign!

suv song cracked me up, btw. : )

can't believe ur moving in 7 days!!! how exciting is that?!

At 12:46 PM , Blogger irishmama said...

See the signs were all there, this was meant to be. It won't be long. Thinking of you

At 4:07 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

I believe that God leads you down the right paths. Your path looks to be spot on!

At 5:35 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

It is nice when God lets you know that you made the right decision. I just can't believe how many signs he gave you! Now if your house could just sell!

The SUV song was way too true and funny!

At 7:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a true believer in "magic", I know that when you put your energies and thoughts into what you want, the end result is always
"magic". You were very specific on what you were asking for and thats why it happened.
Good luck to you and your family! We will all miss you very much at Birds. I will probably not see you before you go, so hugs and kisses!!!!
Take Care,

At 1:33 PM , Blogger Nyxxie said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!



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