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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Whew, what a week!

Well, I've been a bit stressed these past few days. I am applying for Manager of Clinical Education at the hospital where I work. I am currently the Nurse Educator for CVICU & MICU. The position became open recently and I put in an opportunity request. I had to go shopping (DARN!) for some suits so that I could interview appropriately. I got some great deals. I found out that I would have a total of 3 different interviews: 1 with the Director over Clinical Education and the current interim Manager of Clinical Education; 1 with the Director of Nursing and the Assistant Director of Nursing and a panel interview made up of 8 members of the hospital leadership, clinical education customers and the staff of the clinical education department. YIKES!

Well, I had the first two interviews yesterday. One was 2 hours long and the other was an hour long. We'll see when the panel interview is set. So far, there are only 2 of us applying for it and we both encouraged each other to apply. We will both be happy either way so, that's a good thing but, whoo boy! I didn't realize that it would be this "involved" of a process. . . . . . .We'll see what happens.

Also, a couple of weeks ago we had to replace our refridgerator (along with EVERYTHING in it) as our previous one just up and died. Well, that was AFTER we had had a service man out for our central air. Well, this past week the air conditioner was once again not working. We had to have them out again this week. YUCK. What we originally thought was only $150 turned out to be another $650. Sigh. THEN, our kitchen sink is not draining properly. Tried the clog busters (drano, liquid plummer or one of those things) to no avail. Tried to clean it out by disconnecting the drain pipes to clean them out and THEY WERE ALL CLEAR! SO, the plumber will be out on Friday afternoon to check out the problem. We think it must be either the disposal, dishwasher or a major clog going out of the house. BIG HUGE SIGH!

Well, what can you do? KNIT THERAPY!!!!! Got a good deal done on what will be a ribbon shawl. Can't really explain it. I'll post a pix when it actually looks like something, kay? The beaded bag is coming along nicely. Im am working on the short rows that give the bag it's curved bottom and base. Gotta get some pix of that as well. . . . . . finally I am completing my brioche stitch square for my stitch of the month afghan. LOVE that stitch. Nice repetetitve knitting withought a lot of thinking involved. VERY GOOD meditative knitting. (insert a relaxed sigh here).

On a final note, I joing Yarn of the Month as suggested by Lolly (see her button to the right). Can't wait to get that in the mail. I am working on my Secret Pal's parcel for this month. Got a bit of a theme thing going so I am working on gathering up appropriate things. While I was out shopping for her, I found some Cotton Ease! Yeah! I got 7 balls of the ice blue color, 1 white, 1 candy blue and 1 blueberry for a striped baby hat that I plan to make and a fabulous 9 balls of Bubble gum. That should be enough for a substantial sweater, right? Amy from Seamstressed (check her button on the right as well . . . .gotta learn how to add the htmls for the links. . . .augh!) is using the light pink cotton ease for her Grace sweater and it looks and feels great. Not sure which sweater I will make from mine. Maybe the Marilyn from IK? Is 9 balls enough? Gotta check that out or go on a hunt for more. Someone please save me (and our credit cards) from myself. MUST. . . . .STOP. . . . . . .BUYING. . . . . . YARN. . . . . .!!!!! (that really was hard to type! tee hee.

Catchya all later. gotta make dinner and put in some meditation time tonight. . . . . OM!