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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Let Freedom (and gratefulness) Ring!

Happy 4th of July. I am off celebrating the summer, my family and the freedom that we are all so priviliged to live under. My brother was in the Army. My cousin is in the Air Force. My Father-in-law served in the Air Force in Vietnam. Thank you to them and to all that have served and fallen to give us our freedom. I only wish I could do something like Kaziah Hancock to give thanks to all that have lost someone. If the story touches you like it's touched me, won't you consider helping Kaziah continue her cause?

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Where have I been??? (photo heavy)

I can't believe that it's been close to a month since I have posted. WOW! Even though, that post really doesn't count as it was just passing on info rather than a true post. What can I say? It's summertime and the living is busy! DS has been swimming in the neighborhood swimteam. Practices everyday except Fridays and Sundays and swim meets every Tuesday. That takes a chunk of time but it's so fun! Plus, it keeps him physically active which is a huge plus. I only wish that I knew how to swim. Sure, I can save my life but do a butterfly stroke? Hahahahahahaha!This was at his first swim meet. He so excited, can you tell? The participants have their swim team numbers written on their arms and it was ironic that DS's was 10 (his age - well they do that for everyone so that they swim in the proper age group) and 65 (his individual swim team number - also the year of a VIP's birth - um hum we WON'T mention whose! >wink< 'nuf said.) So that's reason number 1 for the busyness of this summer. Next, we've been going on quite a few weekend drives. As a family, we all enjoy drives. Long, lazy, strolling rides where you go off and "explore" your local areas. If we had been a family in the 50's, you would have been able to see us in one of those Chevrolet commercials. Y'know the ones I mean . Yep, that would be us driving around on an "adventure".

You may recall the trip to New Bern where I ran into Lolly? That would be an example of our adventures, just getting into the car and going. We recently visited Wilmington, NC and had a great day there as well. While there we walked around and saw the sites and found an amazing Italian Ice/Gelato shop. Mia's Italian Ices & Gelato on Front Street is quaint and cozy and has a FABULOUS Mango italian ice. So good, that after getting some and walking around, we went back for more! Funny thing is that the folks ahead of us the first time at the shop? They had come back for more too! So here are a few shots of our visit to Wilmington.

That same day we stopped at Carolina Beach on the way back from Wilmington. I got a few of my fave pix of the summer (so far) while we were there.

So, anyways, as you all can see we've been very busy. Knitting? Well, I do knit as we drive so there has been knitting. The HP Sock Swap socks should be in the mail this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest. I will photo the swap contents prior to mailing. I've picked up an old friend or two that have been patiently waiting to be worked on and I whipped up a couple of CE baby hats for a coworker's wife expecting twins (I forgot to photo those - darn it!).

We have had more adventures and my family just left yesterday after visiting for a week so, hopefully I will post again later today or tonight. We will be leaving EARLY on the 4th (Happy B-Day USA!) for our summer vacation - Williamsburg, VA and Outerbanks, NC so, if I go MIA that's what's up! DH has already found out shops in both areas for me. Yeah! Any suggestions of shops from you guys?

Hopefully I'll be back on today. . . . .

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