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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Yeah, guess what???? Knittingnurse has been deemed a "delightful" blog.

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How funny is that? Actually, I'm kind of tickled although I don't know how that happened. Lynda from Delightful Blogs says that after "spending time checking out knittingnurse" she has added it to the directory. Wow, I thought it would be a long shot especially considering some of the company that I am with. This little ol' blog with them?? seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?! Tee hee!

OK, so, I have worked very little on Arwen although I have done more of the left front panel than in the last picture. It's been busy around here and I got new stainless steel pots/pans for Christmas and I have been cooking up a storm thanks to my new Goddess. Love, love, love her recipes. They are generally fast, easy, call for few ingredients and the ingredients are REASONABLE to have on hand or to obtain (don't you hate it when you see a recipe in a cookbook and there are like 20 ingredients and you can't find or pronounce at least half of them?). Anyhow, back to Arwen, we are going to go on a small weekend trip this weekend (Asheville to see Biltmore estates) so I will have plenty of driving time to do some knitting on Arwen. Yeah, for road trips with hubbies who MUST drive!

Want an example of all my cooking? I cooked up this stuff a couple of nights ago:

That would be chicken satay stir fry with orange infused jasmine rice. YUM - O!! Quick, easy and soooooooooo good. I got it from this book. It is a great book b/c it has recipes for all sorts of "get togethers" making it a very versatile little companion. Another nice thing is that she pairs up full meals WITH desserts so that it all "goes" well together, y'know? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all!

I hope to have some better progress pix of Arwen when we come back on Sunday along with pix of the Estate. I'll post for all to see, kay? That's cuz' I'm a "delightful blog"ger don'tcha know. hahahahahahaha

Oh and by the way, I am totally obsessed with this song and Grey's Anatomy totally ROCKED tonight!