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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An all time "low" in knitting obsession. . . .

Alright, so I need to know. Is there anyone else out there so obsessed with knitting and/or completing a project that they actually. . . . . . . . . knit while stopped at a red light as THEY are driving? I have now reached my peak of knitting obsession.

'nuf said.

Monday, June 20, 2005

yummmmmm, Alpaca & silk, ooooh Posted by Hello

Major, major stash enhancement Posted by Hello

Now, what we have here is a failure to contain myself. . . . .

Whoo boy! Where's the cops when I need them???? I have been out of control on the yarn shopping lately. What you see above is some serious stash enhancement. There are 4 skeins of Alpaca and Silk in the most heavenly shade of granny smith apple green EVER! There's a some Shine in Apricot and 3 different shades of striping sock yarn as well as a lace weight wool in a moss green. All from knit picks. Then there's a hank of Madeira in the green, goldish orange and tan colorway for a phonchette. Lastly there is a beautiful lined basket from Knitwits, oops I forgot to put the knitting notecards and the. . . . . .tant ta da. . . .SWIFT in the pix as well.

OK, seeing that I am off to Disney in 30 hours, I REALLY need to get my yarnohalism in check. Anybody know any good 12 step programs for yarn junkies????

Here I am wearing Amy's Shrug! Posted by Hello

Finally, I posted the pictures. . . . .

Gosh, I really don't like that picture of me but the Shrug is great and I really want to post and credit Amy for it. Thanks again.

BTW, aren't all my boys too cute???? We actually had a great time. We all went to Father's Day at the Jake, the Indians won and afterwards, my DH had bought tickets to play catch on the field! (It was for a Cleveland Indian's Charities fundraiser). I've never seen my F-I-L so excited. He smiled from ear to ear the entire time and through dinner afterwards. I must say, it was pretty cool to watch them in the outfield playing catch. . . . . ..


Here is a Father's day pix of F-I-L, DS and DH!  Posted by Hello

See. .. I really DID finish "Tempting" Posted by Hello

What it will look like, kinda (with the clasp on) Posted by Hello

Beginning of beaded purse Posted by Hello

Beads, Beads, Beads (& Tempting, finally. . ..)

OMG, things have been such a whirlwind. DS and I will be off to see Mickey at his FL home on Wednesday. In the meantime, I thought I would catch up on blogging, knitting, etc. . .. .

First, I must thank AMY ( who sent me a BEAUTIFUL shrug. I must get someone to take a pix of me wearing it as laying it out flat does no justice to it. I have worn it already and gotten many complements. Thanks again Amy (I will post pix tonight hopefully).

Next, I have now ventured into knitting with beads! I am taking a 2 part class to make a lovely little beaded evening bag. Let's see if I remember how to post pictures. I am also going to try to post a picture of my completed Tempting (just so you know that I actually DO finish projects) Tee Hee!!!! (BTW, I am using size 00 needles for the bag and am knitting size 8 perle cotton. . . it's not as bad as it sounds though, really!)