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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's official

I am now an Etsy shop owner. My Etsy user name is 'somethinfromtheheart' (I had to drop the 'g' b/c the name was too long).

Funny thing is that I've always wanted to own a shop. A, coffee/tea house, gift, needlework, yarn shop. Y'know? The kind of shop where you go in and there are comfy couches and yarn and cutesy gifts (cards, stationary, simple knick knacks) and you can get a lovely cup of coffee or tea and a scone? Aaaaaaah!

Unfortunately, that brick and mortar store has yet to become a reality BUT I now have an online shop where I can sell some handmade things and some vintage items I've found along the way. Fun, eh?

Right now, I only have vintage items. Well, 4 vintage items. I had 6 but I've sold 2 (awesome right?). I've got a huge boxful of items to photograph and list but I haven't quite gotten them on their as of yet. Hopefully at the end of this week they will all be up and available.

My first handmade items to list will be some facecloths knit/crochet made out of cotton. I want to post knitted items, some temari, some stamped items and some jewelry along with my vintage treasures but, I need to get to making some stuff.

So, when thinking of a store name I was talking it over with the fam and we kept coming up with different ideas and then I said, "no, no, it needs to be something from the heart". Well, DUH! So, the shop is named "Something from the Heart" with the tagline "handmade gifts and vintage treasures". Cute huh?

Go take a gander for a moment. Go ahead. It won't take long and I will still be here waiting for ya.

Something from the Heart shop on

Kind of cute stuff so far, I think. BTW, go back if you have a minute and check out my friend's shop as well Back home vintage.

That's my 'picking' partner. Flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, our ATTICS! We bounce pieces off of each other and help each other decide on purchases and prices to set as well as photographing, etc.

So, cross your fingers and wish me luck.

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