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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

So, unless hubby finds something really wrong in the contract or something goes bad on inspection, etc..... this is going to be our new home:

He's reading the contract right now after the buyer came back with a counter that we can live with.

BTW, does anyone know anyone who is looking to buy a house in a GREAT suburb of Cleveland, OH? Just aking.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A comma?

OK, I don't normally get all political and stuff but boy was this right on. I wish Jon would run for some sort of political office.

Anything would be good!

BTW, how many days left until we can finally be rid of "W"?

Monday, October 02, 2006

I am such a bad blogger. . . .

there is just so much going on over here. Let's see if I can even begin to catch you all up. So, last week's Grey's? WOWZA. I love, love, love this show and it gets harder and harder to wait the 7 days until the next episode with each passing week. I have worked on my malabrigo Grey's KAL scarf and it's coming along nicely (sorry no pix this time, maybe next?).

Speaking of Malabrigo, have you all tried this stuff???? OMG! It's like knitting with butter. It is so lusciously soft, I can't even begin to describe it. Truly. You all MUST get your hands on this stuff. And the colorways???? AMAZING!

So, with Malabrigo in mind, I started (yep, I did but this was for a good cause) ANOTHER project. This one has taken top priority and should be a quickie. Unfortunately the reason for this project is so almost unbearably sad. A little girl (10 years old) from DS grade was diagnosed with Cancer (forget the type - I'm blocking it out I think) close to the beginning of the year. She is finally up to coming back to school at times now. It's so hard though. First off, DS was talking about her being at the hospital a few weeks into the school year. Then he said she was STILL there. Finally a couple of weeks ago he came home and said that they had had an assembly for the 4th graders to talk about her coming back and the implications of it all. They were instructed that they would have to be extremely good about washing their hands, using kleenex, avoiding her if they had a cough, etc. b/c her immune system will be weakened by her chemotherapy.

They explained that she would be allowed to wear hats and bandanas b/c her hair might fall out (it's against dress code to wear them inside the building). They talked about having a "Wear a hat for *** day" at school. They talked about her tumor and they had 2 nurses from the pediatric ward of the local children's hospital there to answer questions and show them the infusaport. Now, mind you, remember what I do??? I am a nurse. So, DS is going on about all this and asks why the chemo makes you so sick and weak and affects the immune system. So I say "Well, the chemo is really strong and toxic so that it can kill the cancer as much as possible" to which DS said "***** has CANCER?!?"

It never dawned on me that the full implications of a "tumor" hadn't been processed by my sweet 9, almost 10 year old little boy. Everyone kept talking about her tumor but I guess the word "cancer" had never been used. I had to make it alright for him. It was so hard. I know this girl. She has been a close pal to my son since 2nd grade when he transferred into this school. I sat across a cafeteria table from her last year at the ice cream social while the 2 of them yakked away and were silly and acted the way 8 1/2 year olds should act. She is IN HIS GRADE (not in his class this year but she was in 2nd and 3rd grades).

So, after I got him settled, he started talking about how the school was putting together a tote bag full of stuff for her to keep busy during her treatments or at home if she is not up to coming to school. A letter was sent home encouraging anyone so inclined to donate whatever they thought she might like. . . .

I spoke with the counselor at open house. I asked her what **** fave colors are and asked her if she thought ***'s parents would mind me knitting her a cap. Her fave colors are pink and purple and YES she thought the cap was a grand idea. I also told her that DS and I had discussed me knitting her a cap AND including needles, yarn and instructions for learning how to knit. She loved the idea and thought *** and her parents would appreciate it. SO, I picked out Malabrigo in the Cuarzo colorway which is a purpley pink variegated to a dark purple. It's perfect.

So, I started a new project. A cap. A chemo cap. A chemo cap for a 10 year old little girl. A chemo cap for a 10 year old little girl from my son's school. A chemo cap for a 10 year old little girl from my son's school who I have met. . . . and had ice cream with.

I HAD to start it. How could I not?

Anywhooo, so, where can I find the most concise and easy to follow learn to knit instructions? Anyone?

Lastly, and on a much more upbeat note, I got this book recently and I LOVE IT. The patterns are very neat and 'doable'. The writing is charming and yet informative. It is a great addition to my evergrowing knitting library collection and I suggest you all check it out!

OK, gotta go shower and then work on the cap!

C ya! (with pix next time, kay?)