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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finally some time to post (properly post that is)

OK, so now that the dining room redecoration is completed (except for hanging my prints on the walls)

And the First communion is over:

I can concentrate on some knitting talk. I've done knitting while all this has gone on. Truly. If I hadn't, I probably would have been in the nuthouse by now. Let's see. Sassy socks? 1 and 3/4 way done with the pair. Here's a picture of the first sock (coloring is bad - will retake when pair is done) They are going to be "almost" knee highs. I had enough yarn to make them knee highs but I didn't think I would wear them that way. I'm weird I know.

It's been raining here for 10 days straight now. 10 DAYS! Every day. Very little sunshine. Cold temperatures. YUCKY overall. So bad that poor DS hasn't been able to have a single baseball game this season. Each and every little league game has been cancelled so far. RATS!

Work has been OK. There is some restructuring going on and I am involved. I will have my job but it will be a bit different. Good thing is that it will just be 3 days a week. Bad thing is the shifts will now be 12 hour shifts. Still no weekends or holidays though so I really can't complain. The stress I've been feeling at work is easing up a bit so overall I guess the change will be for the good.

I just finished teaching a beginning knitting class at the Ireland Cancer Center affiliated with my hospital. I have my "caring caps" program where I make, along with many volunteers, and collect chemo caps for the patients there. There was recently some interest in holding a knitting class for the patients/families from the center. I got a group of 9 lovely ladies (I wanted just 8 but ended up with 9) in the class. They were so appreciative of the class. The social worker at the center went over the therapeutic and meditative qualities of knitting while I taught the actual process of knitting. I had referred her to this book as well as this one, both of which I own. She was not a knitter but she got the books and went through them. She chose bits and pieces and I chimed in here and there. The ladies took to both aspects quite well. Today was the second and last session and I entered only to find that not only had all my students practiced and mastered the basics (casting on, knit, purl and binding off) BUT the social worker picked up needles and had already completed 2 scarves!

These ladies decided that they wanted to start a knitting circle at the center. I am thrilled. They could immediately sense the change in themselves since taking up this wonderful art and could not believe what a difference the "community" of knitting made for them. One of the patients stated that she liked this setting because the group could be therapeutic without solely focusing on "just sitting there and talking JUST about cancer". Today's session turned into a sit 'n knit and they talk of cancer yes, but also of other things in their lives, in their worlds, in OUR world. It was calm, peaceful and relaxing. Just perfect.

The social worker has invited me to come back from time to time as a 'guest speaker'. Tee hee! Whodda thunk it?

OK, I've babbled long enough. Regular postings will resume now.

That is until DH convinces me that we should start the kitchen painting. SIGH.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I can NOT believe she did this. . . . .

OK, so quick synopsis but I promise that I will post pix and longer post SOON. No, really. I mean it this time. I WILL right soon.

ANYHOW, dining room was finished in time and is (if I do say so myself) lovely, First communion came off hitch free, visit with Mom was short but good. Mother's day was great. Back to work is ok.

OK, so now what I am REALLY excited about. I couldn't even wait to actually get it before I wrote about it.

It amazes me how kind and generous people can be. Life also continually surprises me with the synchronicity that pops up and how things happen just at the right time. I've been a bit stressed and down lately and trying to "bounce back" quickly. Today I went onto bloglines to catch up on all my friends and found this post at my pal Knitting RN.

That's for me. ME! Can you believe it? She actually dyed it just for me. I'm so excited I don't know how to thank her enough. I've read so many unfortunate problems with horrible comments left on people's personal blogs, unkind statements from cowards who use pseudonyms to hide themselves. But, overall, I am amazed by the warmth, kindness and generosity of the friends that I have made via blogging. Ladies, ALL of you, you make my day a little brighter and I am a better person for having had the opportunity of communicating with you all.

Thank you all for EVERYTHING that you have given me. I've been truly blessed. (an extra-special thanks to Erin for the amazing act of kindness - you ROCK!)

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