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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. . . .

Why is it that it seems as though the only time we get any real home improvement projects done is when we HAVE to????

DS's First Communion is this Saturday. I've been thinking we really had to finish what we started in the dining room. About 1 year ago (yes 1 year) we tried to take down the HORRIBLY done wallpaper job in the dining room. Well, the folks that did it before us not only go adhesive all over every bit of wood trim and chair railing, they also didn't proper prime the walls so we were unable to fully remove the wallpaper. We decided we would have to sand it smooth and then re-wallpaper. So there it sat. For a year. With wallpaper backing in strips on the wall. Nothing else on it. Except some (minimal) exposed areas of dry wall. For a year. Seriously. No, I mean SERIOUSLY!

OK, zoom to now and of course, DS has only been preparing for 6 months. I knew we should redo the dining room. We set the date for the ceremony 2 months ago. I knew we should redo the dining room. We had the retreat 1 month ago. I knew we should redo the dining room. SO, NOW, 1 week prior to the event. I start to redo the dining room. YIKES!

OK, so last Friday, I primed from the chair rail down. Then Saturday morning I painted 1 coat on the bottom section. Saturday afternoon I did the second coat. Sunday I sanded down all the walls from the chair rail up to smooth out the walls (with one of these) which took all day b/c the sander is small and there was so much to smooth out.

This evening I primed 1/2 of the walls. So the plan is to finish the priming tomorrow evening and possibly begin to paper. I will finish papering Wednesday and Thursday nights. I also have Friday all day and night but I would rather have it done so that I can spend that day with my Mom who is coming up from FL on Thursday afternoon.

Sigh. I knew I should redo the dining room.

SO, anyhow, as a "fun" thing, I just got my name pimped.

I would like to be known as "Sugartastic J. Flow" from now on. Peace!


gotta run watch Horatio get married!