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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Very, Very bad case of insomnia. . . .

Well, it's 2:00 am and I must be lonely. (not to steal the line from a song but when something fits. . . . .)

Since I am just roaming, I thought I should blog. So much to say, here goes:

Tonight was the first monthly sit, eat, knit and visit at my Birds of a Feather (my fav LYS). There was a small group of us but it was still very fun. Tonight's theme was "Fiesta" so we had chips, salsa (this GREAT peach mango salsa that one of the girl's bought at Cosco, YUMMY!!), margarhitas, Mike's Hard Limeade, etc., etc. We DID actually knit. I got a good deal done on my honeymoon cami. We sat and knitted and talked and laughed. It was great fun.

We were being a bit "off color" in our conversations (a little graphic here and there but it was just us girls and the shop was already closed) so Elizabeth (the shop owner) christened us the "blue knitters". Well, we liked it and it stuck. We even have a mascot already! Cindy, one of the shop employees, had brought all sorts of decorations including this resin figurine of a lady laying back lazily in a polka dotted bathing suit (different shades of blue) with a big ol' hat, a smirk and some sunglasses. That was all it took. She's our mascot. I'll have to get a pix up (if my husband ever gets my computer back up so that I can download pix - he prefers I don't do that on his . . . . ..).

Got home around 11:00 and have been on the computer since. Hubby is in bed sound asleep but I can't seem to get sleepy yet. Oh well,

I had a rough week. Monday as I was coming in to work, I found out that a coworker had been found in her garden over the weekend where she had passed away. It was such a shock. She was an older lady (64) but very active and full of life. I had spoken and joked with her on Friday. It was all so unexpected. The only comfort is that she died doing one of her favorite things. . . .gardening. She died among her beloved flowers. Hopefully, her last moments were peaceful. DH, DS and I had had a planned "off" day to go to Cedar Point ( the absolute BEST amusement park EVER) for Tuesday and we went. I was busy with work on Wednesday and Thursday and I now recognize that I did not allow myself to think about Mary. BUT, today at work we held a memorial service in the hospital chapel. I couldn't help it, it all came out and I cried, and cried, and cried. Not so much for Mary because she is an Angel and is now in a better place, but more so for myself. I cried because I will miss her so much and I feel as if I have truly lost a mentor and good friend. Mary, you always made me feel good about myself and what I was doing at work. You were honest and kind. You loved life as I did and had (and "got") my sense of humor. How huge the empty spot in me is from losing you. Rest in peace and, do me a favor wouldya? Keep an eye out for me? Lord knows I need all the help I can get! Tee hee!

Rest in peace dear friend. You will be missed.