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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Knitters Teaswap Pal was AMAZING!

So, I participated once again in the Knitters Tea Swap and WOW was I ever the luckiest participant. Just wait until you see what I got!

Ok, so I got carried away with the pictures and now blogger won't let me add anymore. As you can see, I was EXTREMELY spoiled. I had individual shots of everything I got but it was SO MUCH that I overloaded poor blogger. The picture on the bottom shows the whole loot all together. Individual shots missing were of 2 skeins of cottons for dishcloths for my new house (yeah); a box of shortbread (yummy)and the most precious tea cup ornament ever. BTW, can you BELIEVE how beautiful that teacup I got is???? All I kept saying as I opened it was, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God! It truly is the most stunning tea cup I have ever seen and I OWN IT now!!!! I made myself a wonderful cup of Scottish Breakfast tea and just enjoyed every bit of the process: the brewing, the mixing (cream and sugar), the warmth in my hands, the smell of the tea and the tasting. Aaaah. Heaven. Absolutely heaven.

Thank you so much Sharon! You made me feel like a Queen!