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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just what I needed

So, last post was a huge bummer I know. But, it is where I was at and what I needed to write. It helped to write it all out.

Hubby was great and took me and DS away for the weekend. We drove about 3 hours or so to the coast and spent the long weekend at Atlantic Beach, NC. Great time was had by all. Usually our weekends away are chock full of stuff to do and we are constantly going, going, going until it's bedtime. This was different. Although we had one place to visit each of the 3 days, each site was done leisurely and then the rest of the day was spent, er, 'vegging' (for lack of a better word). So here's the recap:

Saturday morning we took off for our drive. The weather was cool but dry and just a little cloudy. Great day for an indoor activity - the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shore which is just one of three aquariums that we have here in NC. We saw lots of different fish/animals and had a great time. Here are a few pics from the aquarium:
Overall we gave the Aquarium a thumbs up!

Sunday we decided to go to visit Fort Macon. Very interesting and really fun to explore. The day was perfect with cloudless blue, blue skies and weather in the mid-60's. Fabuloso! After the Fort, we walked along the beach and went shell hunting. Here are the pix:

We also took DS to see "The Bee Movie". It was entertaining and well done but, the story was a bit far fetched even by animated movie standards. DS enjoyed it though and it was entertaining so, I wouldn't buy the DVD or anything but I'm glad we saw it.

Monday was our day to take a ferry over to the island and visit Cape Lookout. What a great place! First of all, the 'season' is over and it usually isn't busy anyway because there is nothing on the island except the lighthouse. We took a small ferry (a large skiff really) with a few other folks and explored the island. We didn't get to go into the lighthouse (there are only 4 days a year where the actual lighthouse is open) but we did go into the lighthouse keeper's home and read alot about the history of Cape lookout and Cape Lookout Sound. There were so few people there that it felt as though we were the only ones on the island. It was quiet and peaceful and as we walked the shore we heard the birds and the waves and collected sea shells. Pure heaven!

All in all, it was a great weekend. We had something to do each day but each visit was just a few hours and the rest of the time was spent quietly relaxing and just spending time together. I truly appreciated my family this weekend and was filled with many happy memories of my own family weekends as I was growing up. I felt like Daddy was with me and I felt a warmth of love from my husband and son that reminded me of the love of my Daddy. I realized he'll always be with me. It was a good weekend.

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