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Friday, September 01, 2006

So, here is so more news from over in packing up land

AACHK! So much to pack. BTW, friends can be evil sometimes, y'know? For example, I have totally and absolutely LOST ALL CONTROL over my yarn purchasing. Truly. About 1 month or so ago I bought 26 skeins of Cotton-ease. 26 people! All at once. YIKES!

THEN, even though I have more sock yarn than any other human being alive, I succombed to the allure of STR and finally was able to get 2 skeins (Lucy and County Clare) colorways. I couldn't help it. I was sick at the thought of not owning any of it.

So, why are friends evil? Because AMY tempted and taunted me today with Vesper Striping Sock yarn and I succombed. I am now expecting a skein of the sweetwater colorway. Can you believe that? She KNOWS how much I have wanted vesper sock yarn and she also knows that I am NOT in any condition to resist yarn stash enhancement. How could she do that to me knowing that I just recently joined this self-help group?

Thanks babe (as if I needed any help whatsoever to buy yarn). Sheesh!

Anywhoooo, we are packing everything - well, almost everything - up in the house that won't be absolutely needed until our move down to NC.

So anyhow, I'm taking a break as I was truly hyperventilating over how much stuff we need to get through. How can 3 people accumulate so much "stuff", huh? The plan is to pack it up and get it to the storage unit so that the house will be ready for proper showing. During the time that we are waiting for it to sell I can then go through stuff in the storage unit and discard, sell, donate or keep things as necessary but now? Now it's pack it up regardless like movers do. The goal is to get the house empty and ready.

So, I'm taking a break for now. I'm uploading my I-pod with past episodes of Chub Creek, and Quirky Nomads, . I love these shows. Thanks Dave and Sage for some good stuff to pack to (you guys are keeping me as sane as possible).

And now what? More vacay pictures:

This is now my utmost FAVORITE picture of the boys. Let me explain the shot. We took DS to the Louisville slugger plant (very cool btw) knowing that you can order a personalized bat that is ready for you at the end of the tour. It's really cool b/c you can pick not only the length of the bat, but the finish as well. You can also have your signature laser engraved on it OR you can have them engrave your name with your choice of font. Actually, you can also have a professional ballplayers signature (if they have allowed it) as well. So, DH and I knew we were going to do this and decided we would surprise DS. I entertained him at the gift shop while his Dad "got us our tickets" and then we all went on the tour.

Now, during the tour, they mention the whole personalized bat thing. Like, THREE separate times. Ugh! We thought for SURE DS was going to ask for a bat. We finished the tour and went to the "museum". It is a collection of artifacts and of actual bats used by famous players (Babe Ruth, Lou Gehring, etc, etc.). Some where even autographed. They have a bat there autographed by Babe Ruth that is on loan from a family that found it in a closet of a parent's house that is autographed and dated with the date of the last game he ever played. How cool is THAT?

Anyhow, when we finished with the museum, I once again took DS to the gift shop while DH "went to the bathroom". I thought for sure DS would ask for a bat. He looked at me and said "Mom, do you think that we could buy something small with the Louisville Slugger logo on it? Maybe even just a sticker?" My heart melted. I was so proud of him for not going overboard and asking for the bat. With a bursting full of pride heart I said to him "Let's wait and see when Dad gets back".

Upon his return, DH motioned to me to bring DS to the lobby. He said to DS "Hey, while I was coming back, one of the employees thought you might want to take a swing with a real Louisville Slugger bat and gave me this one for you to try". DS took it and took a few swings. After a couple of swings, DH stopped him and said "why don't you look to see whose name is on it?". The picture above is of the moment just after her realized the bat was his and he looked up to his Dad to say thanks.

I am the luckiest Mom in the world.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's update.

So, work was hectic but not as bad however, I had a FREAKIN' miseable headache all day. I woke at 4:45 and was worrying about the move, DH leaving, selling the house, buying a house, etc., etc.

Needless to say, I was not at all surprised that I had a head/neck ache all day long. So, I got home and started taking some boxes that DH had put in the garage to the storage unit. Not alot of stuff but a start and hey, a start is a start right?

I went to the basement and gathered up anything and everything that had to do with Xmas decorations. They are going into the storage unit and will come out again in my new HOME! (positive thoughts, positive thoughts). I will take them out to the storage unit tomorrow evening.

I have some pictures to share from vacay (finally). First, it's the walk of the penguins. . . . . .
He won the stuffed penguin at the water gun race game in King's Island in Cincinnatti. I am so glad that there are still plenty of moments where he is still my "baby".

King's Island has NickToons themed items, rides and decorations. I LOVE AVATAR. They even have an Avatar ride! We had a good time there.

So, as this IS a knitting blog, let's get to knitting. Here is the top that I finished while on vacay and wore to last nights sit'n knit:
OK, you all have to look beyond the "no makeup and pajama bottoms" look. I was on vacation, so sue me! tee hee. I made this in a total of 5 days. Quickest knitted garment for me to date and I love it. I finished it after we had arrived to Hilton Head. It was so relaxing a knit while on the drive and in the evenings in the condo. I love the way it turned out.

I am guessing that blogger must be limiting posts to a total of 3 pictures each as I can't seem to get anymore on here so, because of that and the fact that it is now 10PM, you all will have to wait until tomorrow for more from vacay and packing/storage land.

I'm having a mojito and going to bed. C ya.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sharing my roots as I am FREAKING OUT!

Ok so things are WAY crazy over here with getting as much done in the next 2 weeks before DH goes to NC. WAY, WAY, WAY too much to get done. I DID however make it to sit 'n knit tonight (a girl must have her priorities straight no?).

Anywhoooooo, I thought that I would share my Mojito recipe with you all as that is my FAVE drink to cool me down after working hard (and help me relax - a little rum will do that). My parents came from Cuba to the USA in 1961 when they were just 18 and 21 years old with a 3 month old son! No jobs, no english but lots of hopes and dreams of finding freedom in the USA. Thanks to Uncle Sam and their hardwork they afforded my brothers and I a very comfortable life. I can't think of any two people that I admire more.

Anyhow, I am very proud of my Cuban roots and try to hold on to as much of it as I can. I try to impart all the sacrifices and hardwork that my parents went through to afform me my freedom to my son. I expose him to my culture as much as possible.

In keeping my culture alive, I keep my Mojito recipe going. Yeah, ain't I altruistic? tee hee ;-)

So, anyhow, here it is and I hope it brings you as much refreshment, relaxation and enjoyment as it has me for years and years.

Traditional Cuban Mojito

1/2 cup of sugar
1 sprig of fresh mint leaves
1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
3/4 cup of white rum (cuban preferred)
Crushed ice
Seltzer water

1. Thoroughly crush the mint leaves into the sugar. The crushing releases the mint oils and adds to the flavor. Take your time on this step. It'll make a difference in your drink.

2. Add the lime juice and the rum. Mix until the sugar is mostly dissolved. This is your "drink base".

3. Fill a glass with crushed ice. Add your drink base about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the glass. Can change this to suit your taste. You'll need to experiment a bit with this.

4. Fill the glass up with the seltzer water.

5. mix thoroughly and enjoy!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back from Vacay and LOTS to tell. . . . .

So, I've been MIA b/c of our vacation. We left on Friday the 18th and just got back into town tonight. Whew. In that time we: Went to King's Island Amusement park in Cincinnati; toured the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville, KY; drove down to Hilton Head, SC for some much needed R&R AND drove up to NC for a "visit".

OK, so first off, I must THANK YOU ALL for all the positive vibes that you sent our way. I can now officially spill the beans. DH has been on the hunt for a new job for the last 9 months or so. The whole "firm" life was not what he (we) thought it would be. He worked hard, moved up through the ranks of the associates, made partner and then . . . WHAM! Reality kicked in. Partnership in a firm isn't all that one dreams it is going to be. There is no grand change in workloads and you are then a "self-employed" worker and deal with all the woes of THAT. So, needless to say, DH wanted to be able to enjoy his family more than he could (and we wanted him around more as well) so the search for an inhouse counsel position started.

He found a company that he liked where the company felt he was the right fit as well. We needed your vibes and prayers and thankfully, all the praying and positive thoughts paid off. He was extended the offer and accepted it right before we went on vacation. Whew, was that a load of stress off our shoulders for vacation. We TRULY were able to relax, enjoy and not even THINK of picking up a phone, newspaper, check in at the office, check email, etc., etc. NOTHING! We got to enjoy our time, just the 3 of us and DH and I truly were able to relax and enjoy eachother's company completely for the first time in quite a while.

So, thank you all for all your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. Everything is set into motion now. DH will start his new job in 2 weeks (9/11 - yikes) in NORTH CAROLINA!

Yep, knittingnurse and fam are moving. To North Carolina's Research Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham). THAT was what the detour to NC was for. An initial scope of housing and the area in general. Although DH had been down to the area twice during the interviewing process, DS and I had never been to the area.

We took off from Hilton Head on Friday morning and spent all day Friday and Saturday looking around the area (I'm going to have not only a Target but also a SUPER Target!) and scoping out houses. DH had already scoped out 2 knit shops in the area. We tried to go to 1 on Friday evening but got there after it had closed. Rats. However, we got a good sense of what is available and what we want for our house.

No bids on anything (although there were a couple of houses that I WOULD have bid on) as we need to clean up our current home and put it on the market. DS and I will stay behind initially (poo). We've already decided that DS and I will be down by Thanksgiving OR at the worse case scenario by mid-December (depending on when this house is listed). We may have to double mortgage for a month or two but that won't be too bad and it'll be worth being together for the holidays.

Geez, that's already a long post and there aren't any pix or any vacation/knitting talk. OK, quickies until the next post. Vacation ROCKED! I finished the new top done on the options needles, worked on a pair of socks and almost finished up a poncho for one of my neices. Will talk more of that next time and may post some pix. Gotta go unpack and get stuff ready for DS. He's off to school on Tuesday and tomorrow is going to be hectic with getting all his stuff ready.

Let me go get my roller skates. . . . . .

tee hee!