Just a place where I can sit and write my thoughts on my newest passion. . . . . knitting. Hopefully, I will better document my progress throughout knitting and get in touch with others as obsessed as I am!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Look out, I'm on a ROLL. . . . . . . !!!!!!!

So, I guess there is an upside to feeling crappy, all the extra knitting time! So, not only did I complete the teacher gifts (which were all a hit according to DS) but behold what else I have finished up! This lovely little purse was a quickie project and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much to spytastic for the great pattern. Here are my specs:

I followed her pattern as written using 1 skein of cream Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick. However, when I got to the last row I had plenty of yarn and a very shallow purse. I kept repeating the pattern until I had what I thought was just enough yarn to bind off and attach the purse handles. I probably could have gone one repeat more with the yarn that I eventually had left over but I am very pleased with the result as is. I have the CUTEST fabric for the lining but am waiting for mom to come to visit so she can sew that up for me. I don't do well with sewing machines (never have for some reason). 5 hours total knitting time, TOPS!

Onto our next show and tell:

These are my, I am embarrassed to say Socktoberfest socks. Well, I guess better late than never right? These will be gifted to a dear friend for Xmas! Woo hoo! I am LIKING all this finishing up of projects! (Leaves my conscience clear for new projects getting started) - tee hee! These were made up with Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the Denim colorway. Magic looped and done! Check!

But WAIT, there's more:
This was an extremely fast knit and very FUN to wear. Thanks Amy for the inspiration and allowing me to be your scarf twinsie! Tee hee! (Good use of the camera to hide my horridly ill-looking face). This one was made from 2 hanks of Joann's Sensation Brand "Ripple" on size 15US needles. Cast on 5 stitches and just knit BABY! Only problem was that I kept getting my needle tip caught in the hole of the 'loops' so I had to watch out for that but other than that, easie peasie and quick. I wore it today and got lots of comments/compliments. Most endearing were the 9-10 y.o. girls at before school care this am ("ooh, I REALLY like that scarf! That is sooo Cool!"). Aah, I still haven't become 'uncool'.

Ok, so that is it for tonight from my little corner of the sick ward. Gotta go see if I can muster up the desire to work on Zara. She is being sorely ignored!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

5 handknit teacher gifts? CHECK!

Yep! I finished the 4 teacher scarves and 1 teacher hat. Woo hoo! Check them all out in all of their finished glory!! (I'm so relieved!)

So, let's talk about each, shall we? The scarf at the far left is made from Boa in the mint-yellow colorway. Pretty basic but DS loved the yarn so, who am I to argue? Next to it you see a pretty Eros scarf. The colorway was so cool on that one. Turqouise (sp?) to lime, to blue, to purple and back again. Very fun knit. Next we have my FAVE by far. It's a little neck warmer (sans brooch which I must acquire) and the yarn was sooooo cool. It is Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes. It was a JOY to work with and check out the color variation:

Isn't that a great colorway???? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it~

Then on the far right is a scarf made from Shakespeare. It's the pattern that comes on the tag from the ball of yarn. It's a quick and easy lacy knit. Here's my attempt at showing you the knit detail. Took just one ball of the yarn and was very, very quick to knit. I liked knitting with it quite a bit.

Last but not least, at the top you see a simple 2k, 2p ribbed "skullcap" type hat for my son's male math teacher. Noro Kureyon. Need I say anything else???

Well, I am very pleased with myself as I have all the teacher gifts done TWO (count them 2) days before they are to be given. I'm doing good on the knitting deadlines. Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How did I get to be so lucky????

OK, so I know that everybody thinks that THEIR SP is the best but I have truly been so blessed with my SP6 pal. That is a picture of the last surprise I got from her. Can you believe it? Among it all is lots and lots of yummy chocolate candies (assorted types), some yummy cocoa mixes and peppermint chocolates, a mary englebreit sewing kit (too cute), a pattern for felted roses, a pamper me set from Kiehl's (excellent stuff), some mini emery boards, a little plastic trinket box, a rubber stamp of a medical bag with a red cross on it and a red marker for the stamp. What a HAUL! However, by far the best and most touching part of the whole shibang was the stitch marker you see in the picture below. You see, Stacy Klaus my FAB SP, knows that my favorite shape ever are hearts and she made me a marker with a heart shaped texas flag charm (that's where she's from). How AWESOME was that???? She wrote the most touching card as well as you can see. This expression of caring was so touching to me. I don't know how to thank her enough. Stacy, you are a wonderfully caring and giving person. I was blessed to have you cross my path and I am glad that we can keep in 'cyber' touch with each other. Thanks ever so much!