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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm still alive, (barely)

The headaches are back. Sigh. I just went to the neurologist yesterday and we are going to try another combo of meds. It gets so frustrating b/c something will work but then 6-9 months later, we are starting all over again.

Let's hope this combo does the trick from now on! Although, maybe it's just my way of contributing to the "karmic pull" that Yarn Harlot started for Lee Ann. Keeping that in mind, I guess I shouldn't bitch since at least my headaches aren't due to anything that is going to lead to my skull being cut open. See? It's all in perspective, right?

I'll stop griping now.

In other news, take a hop over and visit Amy at her new etsy shop

She had one that was a "Summertime in Paris" fabric that was darling and another that was "How to keep your Husband" retro 40's fabric that was a HOOT! She plans on making more with those fabrics but the others are cute as well. I love the retro hula girl also and I am waiting for a new "Cuppa Joe (or not)" bag for the next Knitters Tea Swap. I am going to send the swap items in the bag so the bag will be a gift as well! Cute, huh? I just love that these things are totally reversible so it's like 2 bags in 1.

OK, enough of that. Gotta go lay down now.

Must get ice to numb the pain.

Hope this means Lee Ann is doing well.

OH, and BTW for all my lurker pals (including my DH) who read but don't comment b/c they don't have a blogger profile, I've opened up commenting to everyone so now you can let your voice be heard here without having to start a blogger account.

Now SPEAK UP would ya? ;-)