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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Geocaching and family visits make for a boring knitting blog

Well, of course I KNOW that this is a (supposed) knitting blog. Yes, I know that I haven't talked about knitting much for weeks.

Yes, yes I have been knitting.

On what? Well, I've been knitting on my Hogwarts sock swap pal's socks. No, really. I have. Pictures you ask? Uh, well, let me explain. . . . . . .

Yeah, I suck. I really need to do something to get my blogging mojo back. But I guess it's better to lose your blogging mojo than your knitting mojo right? So, I'm 2/3 of the way done with the first HWSS sock and about 1/2 of the way with the second. I decided that I wanted to add some increases to make the calf more comfy for my secret pal. I'm knitting them toe-up and want to make them a bit longer so I want them to be comfy and not a pair of tourniquets. I started off with a 3X1 rib and am increasing on every other purl to a 3X2 rib and after a few rows of that adjustment will finish off the remaining necessary increases so that they end in a overall 3X2 rib. I started the second sock so that all the increases occurred at about the same spot in the socks (as I am CERTAINLY not counting rows here). So I will be living the in the land of ribbing for a bit now but they are almost done and that makes me happy b/c I am NOT going to be late. Hurray!

I also pulled out one of my oldest (if not THE oldest) WIPs and knit on that for a while. It was like visiting with an old friend and I've truly enjoyed it. I don't want to go on too much about it b/c I don't want to disturb the tenuous relationship we have just re-established but if there is significant progress then I just might let you see who and how much, kay? I got the most beautiful drop spindle from a contest over at Liz's blog and it really is a crime that I haven't posted a picture of it yet. It's a Golding Solid Purpleheart spindle and it's beautiful and all mine! I need to get some plain jane roving to get myself into it again. I had started drop spinning months and months ago but I let it go by the wayside. This spindle though, it calls me to spin it, y'know? It's beautiful and it feels "right" in my hands. . . . .Uh, oh. . . . . .

I have had true distractions to the knitting though (one unfortunate and one fortunate). DS broke (yep another fracture - 2 in fact!) his right little (pinky) finger. No big deal right? Wrong! We had just started practices for swim team and he is in the middle to the end of his baseball season. Bottom line?

No ball sports for at least 2 weeks (almost the end of the season) and no swimming either! UGH! So the poor kid who was just getting into the swing (no pun intended) of things with the swim team in now benched. Sigh. He's taking it well though so I guess that's all that matters.

The fortunate thing that happened was that my cousin flew up from Florida on Friday and spent Memorial Day weekend with us. She came up to visit and for us all to attend GeoWoodstock 5 together! DH, DS and I have been loosely geocaching for 3 years now but my cousin is a die-hard geocacher. It was fun to go to our first organized geocaching event with her and it was a blast to cache all weekend long.

Prior to her coming up to visit, we had a total of 57 finds. We have gone above 125 (I think) this weekend. Woo Hoo! Very fun.

We got to explore our new home state and found parks and naturally beautiful areas, lakes, etc. that we would have never found without the caching. It's truly such a great way to get outdoors, explore the land, get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy eachother's company. It's good for the competitive streak in you too. Nothing like being the one in your group to be able to yell "I found it!" - tee hee.

I was supposed to work today but I got cancelled (probably retribution for cancelling myself on Friday to take DS to the orthopedist for his finger - oh well) today. So, I am watering the lawn (it will therefore rain tonight!), finishing and putting away (ugh) laundry and. . . .KNITTING!

woo hoo.

OK, OK, I will pull out the camera next time. SHeesh! You don't have to yell, y'know! ;-)