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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some knitting to show you

OK, so I really DID participate and 'silver' in the knitting Olympics. I washed and pinned my slipped stitch mesh poncho on Sunday but it didn't dry until Monday night. Oh well, I am still THRILLED to have completed it in the 16 days. Yeah! Here are some pix that I finally got my DS to take so that I can show you (please disregard the navy scrub pants - I had just come home from work). I am usually not a big fan of colors pooling but I like the look of it in this. The colors are bright and cheerful and it makes me smile!;-) Here is a view from the back:

I also wanted to show the detail of the stitch so here it is:
Isn't that a pretty stitch???? Didn't look like much while knitting but boy did it POP when I blocked it.

Speaking of blocking, I can't wait to finish and the block my Project Spectrum March project. It's this made from this. Here is progress picture of the project so far: I know that it doesn't look like much but I am about halfway done. Yeah! This is my first project done in Koigu and I love working with it. The colors are FABULOUS and the 'spring' in the yarn makes it very nice to stitch with. I tried to get a picture of what it will somewhat look like when blocked. The colors are nowhere what they really are. It's a nice combination of pinks, lilacs and blues. Very very pretty.

Ok so now I am off to shower and work a few more pattern repeats in the shawlette. See ya next time (hopefully with another finished project).

UPDATED ON 3/9/06:

Got a question about the yarn used for the olympic poncho. It is blue heron beaded rayon in the marigold colorway. Isn't it FABULOUS?????
thanks for the lovely compliments! Just 2 more pattern repeats on the shawlette then it's back to work on the beaded shawl. I am planning on having lots of little wraps for spring and early summer.