Just a place where I can sit and write my thoughts on my newest passion. . . . . knitting. Hopefully, I will better document my progress throughout knitting and get in touch with others as obsessed as I am!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Isn't my mom beautiful?

I kept forgetting to post this picture but I wanted to be sure to put it up. Isn't she beautiful????????

Te quiero Mami!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Request for you guys

Something big is cookin' over here are Chez Knittingnurse. Don't want to jinx by talking too much about it. Justa quick favor to ask, would you please send some positive vibes thisaway????

Should be able to reveal (hopefully) in a few weeks. Just one last thought from me. . . . . .


LOTS of it.

Thank you.

(you may now return to your previously scheduled lives)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lookie what I got! Tee hee!

Isn't this the cutest bag ever? It's a sock bag. Just big enough to carry your socks in progress in. Or any other small project for that matter. And, it's completely reversible!!! I love this thing.

These are Amy's creations. She has some really adorable fabrics for these. She has them over at her etsy shop. She suggests using them as a gift bag for presenting socks or gloves or baby items, etc. I LOVE THESE!

Monday, July 17, 2006

HYSTERICAL! (and a FO!!!!)

Ok this has got to be one of the most hysterical things I have ever done as of yet online.

Do not be surprised if you receive a personalized message from "me".

Go try it out.

And now, FINALLY here are the pictures of the completed watermelon socks.
I must say that this is the pair of socks that I am most proud of to date. Why? Because I achieved knitting nirvana when I made these socks. Look at them again.
THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL! No lie. See even the little bit of red that was overdyed onto the white came up in the same spot at the heel turn:
DAMN! Now my OCD is going to go into overdrive each time I knit striped socks. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN (but it is pretty cool though - tee hee).

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictures that blogger wouldn't let me previously post. . . . .

Here I am with Amy's mom, Mary Ann as she hand delivers my Yarntopia sock yarn at Sit 'n Knit!

That would be my scale. See how nicely it packs up into itself? The bottom pix shows it as it would be used. The container sections holds a whole 100 gm wound ball of sock yarn with room to spare! Woo hoo!

Allison's boys are not alone in their Lego love (although they are much more into it than my DS). DS could NOT resist this set. I must say, I think Avatar is pretty cool myself, although this is what I was doing as DS was building:

I'm going to stop now before blogger gets all mad at me again. I will post the rest of the pix later INCLUDING the finished watermelon socks!