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Thursday, September 01, 2005

On a serious note.

My DH and I spent 3 1/2 wonderful years in The Big Easy while he attended Tulane. It is so difficult and painful to see all the footage of that wonderful city all GONE! I have been heart sick for days now. The immensity of this tragedy transcends all levels and I am heartbroken. We've always wanted to take DS back to see that grand lady of a city but she is gone. I hope that that spirit of what made her so wonderful will return when she is rebuilt but I fear that the "taste" of New Orleans will never fully be returned. So much of what she was had to do with the history, heritage and beauty of her old buildings and sites. The people there are so fabulous, loving and kind. It is horrible for me to see what they have had to endure from nature, the small amount of criminals that tarnish the overall goodness of the southern folk and the limitations of man to rescue/assist those in need quicker than is possible. I hurt and I cry every night while watching the news in the comfort of my soft bed, under the roof of my home, with ALL of my family and a full belly. What can I do??? I can do quite a LOT. Please, Please, Please consider going to Give a Little and donating WHATEVER you can. Drink less coffees, pops or bottled waters. Buy less snacks or treats. It isn't a huge sacrifice considering.

Understand that 30-40% of the Greater New Orleans population lived at or below the poverty level and 112,000 households owned no means of transportation. These people where STUCK! And that is just in New Orleans! To that we must add all the victims in Mississippi and Alabama.

Imagine no housing, no food, no water, no electricity, no phone, and for some, no word of other family members. Is it really too much to ask?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stitch markers

Here is my present from Suzie. These are great! I love them. YEAH! Posted by Picasa

I love stitch markers. I recently started making them and can't get enough of them now. They are so pretty and handy and I am a gadget fanatic so of course I have a ton of them made up for my friends. I was lucky enought to win a contest on Suzie's very cute blog and got these very cute markers. Yeah for contests and generous talented people. Woo hoo!

A bit late but here is a gratuitous first day of school picture. Wow, the antireflective stripping really works! Thanks Land's End! Posted by Picasa

Front of 'Tivoli". I need to get moving before it's too cold to wear it this year. Posted by Picasa

I started working on this in mid summer and I have not gotten around to finishing it yet. I've made a couple of baby caps, worked on socks, made a scarf and now I am trying to work on the UFO's so I am really going at this one. I have the back piece started and hope to go on it quickly. Last week I did quite a bit of KIP (knitting in public) and DS flag football practices. He was finally eligible to play this year and I think it's a hoot!

Will keep you all up to date on the football, knitting and stitch markers. I have picked up the spindle but I put it down quickly b/c before I know it a couple of hours have gone by and I have not done any knitting. I have to get the UFO piles down. MUST DO SO!

Here is a very bad shot of the needful yarns 'Tivoli' sweater I am working on right now. Posted by Picasa

Ok, Ok, just one more and then knitting stuff.. . .

Click here to play Make-A-Word word game, and TRY to score better!

I told you. I am such a SUCKER!

Ok, I will REALLY post about knitting next time. . . . :-)

I am 24% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

I just can't help myself. I LOVE these things! Tee hee!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Meme time again!

Well, I get this one from my good buddy Amy Here goes:

My 23rd post, 5th sentence reads:

"I think that quality work (and time) deserves quality materials."

That is still SO totally me!

Ok, this one is simple:

Instructions for meme:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

I'm tagging Royal Amy,Cheryl, Lisa, Suzie and Denise. It's easy, and enlightening.
Let's see watcha got girls! tee hee!

Fall means "Caring Caps"

OK, so I have been posting as diligently as I should be. Is it just me or did the second half of the summer just whizzzzzzz on by??? So, I got some help from my blogging buddy Amy and she has now shown me how to do hyperlinks for my posts! Yeah for Amy. I truly do appreciate it.

Been doing a lot of blog reading but not much knitting. I am going to start in the Another Weasley? from the blue blog's Alison. I don't know WHAT potter related item I will be making. But I am making something!

I have quite a few UFO's to tackle but am getting "itchy" to start something 'fallish'. Must be good. MUST finished some FO's. . . . . . .

where is everyone? I miss you all.