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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Speaking it doesn't mean you can knit it

Yes, I am fluent in Spanish. Yes I can read in Spanish. Can I knit in Spanish? er, no. I don't know any of the terminology and I certainly wouldn't be able to figure out any complicated pattern work (SSK, PSSO, KFB - who the heck knows how that is said in Spanish?).

Anyhow, why does that matter? It matters because months ago I found this lovely online zine. It has a few really nice patterns but, heck if I know what they are talking about in the directions!

I added it to my bloglines anyhow thinking that someday I would be adventurous enough to either figure it out or look up the translations somewhere.

Well, guess what? They've translated some of their patterns for me! Yeah! Look at these lovelies. Beautiful no?

Gotta go. Gonna add them to my Ravelry queue!

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