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Thursday, August 11, 2005

YEAH, I got RAOK'd!!!!

A fuzzy side view of my fabulous tank RAOK! Again, check out the 'ceps! Now I have to work on the gut! Posted by Picasa

Well, my good pal Amy (Royal Amy in our sit n knit group - it's a long story) from seamstressed (see button to the right) RAOK'd me at sit n knit on Tuesday night. She brought me 2 FABULOUS tops! The one here is a halter from stitch n bitch made in microspun (yummy, soft and shiny!) and then the other is the shapely tank in a pheldar (is that right?) yarn that's a pale butter yellow with little white specks throughout. VERY VERY COOL. My knit pals spoil me so much. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!

Off we are to Toronto tomorrow. Can't wait. I am hoping to be up early enough and that the clouds cooperate in order to see the meteor showers. Sigh, I've NEVER seen a shooting star. I will say my prayers EXTRA EXTRA tonight! I am truly hoping to score some Koigu while we are in the great white north! Have I ever mentioned that Toronto is like, one of my most FAV cities, EVER??!!?? Well, it's true. We've been there a half dozen times or so and I never tire of it. Plus Canada is just so beautiful as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, CA - NADA! hmm hmm humm humm humm HUMM! (I just know the first 2 words of their anthem but I know the tune so I hum it instead, tee hee!). Oops, there I go again with the flight of ideas. I can't seem to help myself when I am excited. (plus not sleeping for the last 2 nights ain't helpin' either)

So, back to knitting, I am hoping to score some Koigu while I am there. Have yet to ever see it in person in any shop that I have been too. Sigh. Love the colorways that I see online though, so hopefully, I will be successful with that endeavor. Planning on doing a little Geocaching while we are there (reminds me I have to go to the geocache website to download some caches) Ooops, I will focus again. Sorry about that. OK, knitting. Well, I am excited to see what beautiful yarns I will find up North. This is just my FIRST trip up to Canada since becoming a seriously addicted knitter. My DH is preparing himself for the sticker shock. Tee hee.

OK, I will go now but we are taking a laptop (hotel will have high speed access - yeah!). I'll hopefully get to let you all know how things are along the way. If not, we will be back on Sunday night.

AMY, again, thanks SOOOOOOO much. Wore shapely tank today after work and taking the halter with me to Toronto! Yeah for RAOKs!

An RAOK from my pal Royal Amy (see seamstressed button to the right). Check out the biceps! Posted by Picasa

My Shapely tank from Royal Amy (seamstressed blog) Posted by Picasa

This looks MUCH better in person and with my arm down. I wore it tonight and it was so comfy too. Hey, there's my little girl at the door behind me. Tee hee!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The sunset as we saw it on the night of our anniversary! Posted by Picasa

On our 16th anniversary down in Key West! Posted by Picasa

Close-up of Maleta Posted by Picasa

I am kissing on Maleta my cousin's female sugar glider Posted by Picasa

Here we are with my nephew and his new wife! They are so cute together! Posted by Picasa

Here we are standing at the door of the church where we were married in 16 years ago! Posted by Picasa

Here's the 3 of us at DH and Mine's alma mater! GO CANES! Posted by Picasa

Secret pal picture

I finally was able to have a few minutes to download some pictures. First is a picture of my secret pal package. I got it a while ago but went on vacation, etc. . . ANYWAY, I got 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky in a very cool green color that will make a great scarf (or hat and mittens) for the fall. I also got a couple of bars of Lindt chocolate and some handmade stitch markers. There was also a package of Jelly candies for my DS but they were quickly GONE!

Thanks so much Secret Pal. I love it all.

YEAH, my secret pal sent me this!!!  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What kind of knitting needles are you???????

You are interchangeable.
Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every
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What kind of knitting needles are you?
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Monday, August 08, 2005

Back from vacation

Well, we are back from our vacation. DH, DS and I had a REALLY good time visiting my mom and the rest of my family in sunny Miami. We went fishing and caught quite a few grunts, snappers, and one other type of fish but I can't remember what it was. . . . ANYWAY, we had them filleted (sp?) and then my mom cooked them up. DS didn't particularly care for the taste of the fish we caught but we all had a good time fishing. We also took a family canoeing day at a local wildlife reserve area in Key Largo. Very fun stuff. We saw lots of stuff out there, even a few jelly fish! We went treading along in the ocean as well and collected quite a few seashells while enjoying the water. Do any of you know whether I can put shells collected straight from the ocean into a fresh water tank? DS & I think they would look good at the bottom of his tank but we don't want to hurt his fish.

Since DH and I were celebrating our anniversary (16 years) while down there, DH had planned a little getaway for just him and I. We left DS with "Tata" (aka grandma) and spent 3 days and 2 nights in Key West. It was very nice. We stayed at a great little hotel/bed & breakfast called "The Gardens". It was originally a botanical garden and was then bought and turned into a hotel. Very scenic I must say. DH and I shopped (no knitting shops there - RATS!), walked, ate and drank. We checked out a lot of local galleries and saw some very good art while we where there. By far, my favorite part of the trip was visiting the Key West Butterfly Conservatory. WOW! They had some of the most beautiful butterflies I have ever seen there. The gift shop was pretty but par for course HOWEVER, they have an attached gallery where their artist mounts butterflies in display cases in the most beautiful ways. WOW! Nice thing is that he only uses butterflies that have lived their entire lifespan naturally. I have never seen anything like it. Just breathtaking and very peaceful.

I took loads of pictures but have yet to download them so I will share when I do that. I knitted just a bit as we were really going seems like all the time. Hopefully I will get down to some serious knitting now that I am back. I finished Harry Potter while down there. Sigh. I sorta new what was coming but not really. I am having quite a few mixed feelings about the book. Loved the writing, can't wait until #7 but saddened and confused about the twists/turns in the overall story. Well, how soon until #7 is out?????????