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Friday, August 10, 2007

Fortunes. . . .

First, Thanks to all of you for the kind words and well wishes regarding the recent anniversary. It was so nice to open my email and find your congratulations there. What a pick me up! Thanks again.

So, I originally had had this grand idea of posting a different fortune every week. At the time, I was going to my FAVE sushi lunch spot weekly so, it was a plausible idea. And then, my summer got really, really busy. So, the weekly sushi lunches went by the wayside. Sigh.

So, I have a new fortune to share and I guess that this will be a sporadic thing rather than weekly but, it makes for good blogging content (at least I think it does). So, I will add it periodically.

'Nuf said.

Today's fortune?

"The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything."

Amen to that.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally some more knitting

OK, OK, so I am finally feeling better and can't sit down to a proper post. I have been up to some knitting during this brief run-in with a summer cold. I've worked on my Hogwart's Sock Swap and have almost completed sock number 1. Unfortunately, b/c this time around the swap isn't a secret one, I can not post progress pictures (RATS!) The time will have to wait until the pair is done and I ship them on to their new home. I need to keep up the pace so that they are done quickly and so that I will be ready for the race!

I need a quick but nice dishcloth pattern. Any suggestions ladies?

Lastly, my last Hogwarts Sock Swap pal had forgotten to include my needles in my package (oops!). Well, last week I got my needles and they were SO WORTH the wait. I got Lantern Moon Ebony DPNs. Wanna see? Take a look!

Beautiful, no?

Thanks so much Sandy!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Thanks for a great 18 years!

Don't we look like such babies? It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years since that wonderfully happy day. There have been, of course, ups and downs but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. How else would we have gotten where we are today? I firmly believe that each of life's journeys, both happy and sad or trying, lead us to the places we are and I am VERY HAPPY where I am right now.

Thank you honey. You are my best friend, my lover, my provider and caretaker. You watch over our little family better than anyone could ever do and I thank God every day for you in my life.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Here's to the next 18, 28, 38 and so on years to come.

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