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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey, I can post some pix now!

Before hair cut and curly.

After haircut and flat-ironed.

OK, now let me tell you about my most recent swap. I participated in the "flip flop swap" and I got Lolly as my swap partner! I was so thrilled to get her. I just got my swap a few days ago and here is what it was:

She packaged it so pretty and then everything inside was great! I got some Lorna's Laces sheperd's sock yarn in "sherbert". Oooooh. I got 3 different wool washes, some very pretty tissues, some "tropicana" novelty yarn, some very pretty bookplates, my pink flips (of course) and a hand-made wood bean bracelet in the same shade of pink! I loved it all. That was a really fun swap to participate in y'know?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Whatever" Wednesday

So, I unabashedly stole the name of this post from a local radio station's promotion where on Wednesday they will play, well whatever the listeners call and request. Anyhow, I thought it was the perfect title for a "catching up"/rambling type of post for today.

Much like everyone I know, my knitting lately has been quite minimal. It's just too hot to knit and since this is my Summer of UFO's, I've been working on 'heavier' projects that are,well, just too hot to work on. Which, unfortunately, isn't helping me with my whole Summer of UFO's thing. Sigh. So, I've been reading. I just finished this and loved it. Sophie did NOT dissapoint. Yeah, it's shallow. Yeah, it's mind numbing. No, I won't be any smarter as a result of reading it but it was funny. I laughed and I relaxed and I enjoyed. So there. Sue me. I am not afraid to say that I love trashy, silly, mind numbing Chic Lit. Life's too heavy for me in other avenues to spend time reading anything "heavier" right now. Maybe later, when things calm down a bit.

Speaking of calming down, still asking for positive vibes over here. The first round of vibes worked GREAT! Things are moving along in the right direction but, there are still some steps that need to happen for it all to "gel". Would I be too greedy to ask for more POSITIVE ENERGY this way? I didn't think you all would mind. Thanks in advance! ;->

Ok, so my reading, my changes, what else do I need to cover. . . . . . .

Oh, I've had some pix to share that I hadn't done before so here goes. . . .

You can see by the fact that I am actually wearing a wrap that this was a while ago. DS and I took DH out for his birthday. This shot was from that night.

Well, apparently %$^&#%^#(%)# blogger decided that THAT was enough pix for now! (I HAVE to change blog servers) so I guess I will share other pix later. UUGGHH! OK, so I'll just "talk". . . . .

Anyhow, Cathi wanted to see pix of the "do" for a while now. I had a closer shot of the hair as well as a "before" shot that I was going to put in here but I guess I'll add that later (thanks blogger).

DH and I are having our 17th Anniversary this coming Saturday. yeah! More on that later. . . .

Work has been a bit more bearable lately but, still, I think I really need a change. We'll see what the winds of change bring out my way.

It's been so hot here that out electric company has actually been doing intentional power outtages to small areas of different local cities to cut down on the demand to the local generators. I guess it's their way of trying to prevent a huge Black-out from occurring. We had our outtage on Monday. It lasted for 45 mins and they had a machine call us with a pre-recorded message/warning first. It wasn't too bad. The time was short enough that the house didn't really heat up too much. I just made sure that we didn't open/close doors and we kept all the blinds down. We'll see when it's "our turn" again. . . . .

Last but not least, I thought this was hilarious. The restaurant is not far from our house and we actually know the owners. What are the odds of that happening I wonder????? See, it's all about karma. Being evil/bad attracts bad karma and bad karma is NOTHING to be messin' around with, y'know?

OK, that is enough rambling. I'll let you all go until blogger let's me put up some pix.

C ya!