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Monday, March 20, 2006

Another FO! (and it's still NOT the shawl)

I know, I know, I am in knitting denial. I can't help it. I haven't had it in me to pick the shawl up again. I will though. I have to. It's my Project Spectrum project for March.

BUT, I started and finished a OSW this weekend! Yeah! I would post pix but blogger is being silly and won't upload them right now. I'll post them later. It was a really quick and easy knit. I think I am going to make another one in cotton this time. I used Reynold Odyssey in the purples colorway. This picture is bad though. It has some greens and taupes in it as well. I really liked the color variations in it. Hopefully, I will be able to post pix sometime tonight.

And on the Grey's front, wasn't that a good show this week? I liked that George decided to go for the Doc but HATED that it took Alex being a complete ASS (even if it was a displacement of his own self-loathing) to get him there. Not quite sure how I feel about the whole Addison wanting to be friends with Meredith deal. Oh, and did you SEE, DID YOU SEE??? In the previews for next week's episode? The girls are knitting in the surgical gallery. KNITTING!!!! They get busted by Bailey but they were KNITTING! HA! I knew I loved that show for a reason, medicine and knitting in one GREAT show. Ah, life is complete! ;-} And I TOTALLY DIGGED the whole bad "juju" thing. As a nurse I can tell you that all that superstitious, mumbo jumbo, juju stuff IS TOTALLY TRUE! We buy into that all the time. Doing things certain ways, working with certain people (or NOT b/c it's a 'bad' combo), following full moons, counting patient deaths or ANY interesting patient scenario in threes, etc. . . It's all true. So, just remember, when you put your life in to the hands of Doctors and Nurses because of all their sound scientific knowledge, etc., you are REALLY dealing with our superstitions and beliefs. It's corny but it's true. Now I must go and clean off my lucky nursing clogs and get my lucky scrubs ready. We have an open heart tomorrow. . . . . . See ya! ;-}


At 9:03 AM , Blogger Liz said...

I had no idea there was so much superstition in the medical community! I can't say I am shocked by it though. I mean medicine really started out as something practiced by the town "medicine man or woman" who was usually a spiritual leader as well so the combo of mysticism with medicine is probably not that far fetched!

At 11:20 PM , Blogger knittingirl said...

I'm a fellow knitting nurse too, and I am so on the Grey's bandwagon too - love it. Mmmmm, McDreamy and Chris O'Donnell - what a nice way to start my week! Love your shawl...


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