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Friday, March 17, 2006

Needle Exchange Package! THANKS!!!!!

Looky, looky what I got today! Tee hee! I got a beautiful forest green skein of Plymouth Yarn baby alpaca brush, ADDI turbos (woohoo), an embellished tape measure (too cute), a needle sleeve, the cutest 'purse' card and stickers (tee hee - those made me smile). WOW! I made out like a bandit! Thanks to my "yarnyetta" heatherly needle exhange pal(I'd link to your blog but it wasn't listed on the exchange page)! OK, so, besides a scarf or a hat, is there anything that I can make with 1 skein of baby alpaca brush (110 yards - 3.5 st/inch on size 9 US) or should I google the color and lot to try to get more?


At 8:11 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

Great loot! I carry that yarn. If you are looking for a dyelot, let me know.


At 12:29 AM , Blogger Heatherly said...

my blog was under the garfield tape... but i taped over it1 ;-)
i am so glad you liked it!


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