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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I feel crappy

My body is shaky, I'm sick to my stomach (on & off) and I have the headache from Hell. My nose is stuffy, my throat it scratchy, I have a crappy cough AND I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a couple of nights. Had to stay home from work (after being cancelled on Monday and probably having to call off for tomorrow- crap we need the $$) and did NOT step foot out of the house for a single thing today AND it didn't drive me crazy! (Normally I would at least have to walk out on the deck or in the yard at some point.

BUT. . . . .

I DID start on the first sock for my pal's HP sock for Hogwarts Sock Swap 2. I would show you a picture of them except that this time around we KNOW who are pals are (we are doing a direct swap - she knits for me and I knit for her). Therefore, if I post a picture, there's a good likelihood that she'll see them and that would be no fun. . . . .

I can say that I knit the cuff and about 1 1/2 inches of the leg (so about 2 1/2 inches) which doesn't seem like a lot but I WAS after all sick and everything. . . .

I won't go too much into detail except to say that the beautiful Rio de la Plata in my last post will be the body of the socks and there is an alternate yarn for the cuff, heel and toe. Is it bronze? Is it silver? Is it variegated? I can't say. SOMETHING has to be a surprise, right?

I am surprised that I went cuff down. But, I found THE pattern and feeling sick and all I didn't want to think about how to convert it from cuff down to toe up. Oh well, that means that I will probably have some yarn left . . . . . maybe for opposite socks?

We'll see.

Oh, in other knitting news, I FINALLY found a new knitting group since moving. I foudn them through meetup and I FINALLY got to go to a get together on Tuesday night. What's nice is that this is a new group so it's not like I'm joining an already established group, y'know? They had only had 2 meetings prior to this one so everyone is still getting to know everyone.

It will be good for me. I missed having that.

OK, I'm getting dizzy again so I am going to go call off for tomorrow and lay down.


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At 9:12 PM , Blogger Sandy said...

Oh, you poor dear! Harry Potter withdrawal????
NO! I hope you feel better! There's nothing worse than feeling ick when it's so hot out there!
I can't wait to see the sock! I am wondering what you decided to do....
Healthy vibes coming your way!
(no needles yet??)

At 10:54 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

I hope you get to feeling better. Take care of yourself!


At 9:35 AM , Blogger Mary Ann said...

So sorry you're sick! Hope you are better soon. Your new knitting group is lucky to have you.

At 10:06 AM , Anonymous thebrownsheep said...

:( feel better soon!

At 6:01 PM , Anonymous Sarah-Hope said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so miserable. i hope your health turns around soon.

At 1:02 PM , Blogger Sourire11 said...

Ugh sorry you're feeling so awful! Hopefully by now you're back up and going...

glad to hear you found another knitting group, too!

So... you've played fantasy football for 4 years now? Any tips?


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