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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I wish I could be there

I want so much to be here but unfortunately, DH has more business stuff to attend to than ever imagined and so I must be home to play stay at home mom. UGH! I so wanted to be a part of Represent (read the whole post please) because I don't think muggles truly understand how many of us, knitters/crocheters that is, there really are. I don't think they understand WHO we are either (all ages, all types, both sexes, etc.) and therefore underestimate the power of us as a whole.

Sigh. I'm passing on the info in case any of you don't know about this but can make it. If so, take a pix with the traveling sock for me, kay?

BTW, speaking of knitting, (lest you all think I am a complete liar) I have been knitting on the hood of Arwen. I THOUGHT I would have, no scratch that. I SHOULD have a picture of some progress.

Why isn't it here? Well, that would be because I misread my place on the cable chart and therefore crossed cables incorrectly which lead to frogging of MANY, MANY rows of knitting (sob, sob). I truly did almost cry, tears welled up but didn't spill. Sigh.

So I had to frog back to a point where the cables were correct AND where I knew where I was on the chart. This meant frogging much more than beyond the error. (AACK!)

I had to put it down. I couldn't photograph the failure and ensuing disasterous frogging. I might pick it up tonight for Grey's. Believe it or not, I haven't screwed it up while watching that show, just while watching American Idol (must be all the angst over Sanjaya still being there). Course, I just totally jinked myself didn't I?



At 9:06 PM , Blogger Liz said...

I refuse to believe you have jinxed yourself. It will be just perfect when you are done with it. Arwen will be worth the effort I know it.

Represent Girlfriend!


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