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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictures that blogger wouldn't let me previously post. . . . .

Here I am with Amy's mom, Mary Ann as she hand delivers my Yarntopia sock yarn at Sit 'n Knit!

That would be my scale. See how nicely it packs up into itself? The bottom pix shows it as it would be used. The container sections holds a whole 100 gm wound ball of sock yarn with room to spare! Woo hoo!

Allison's boys are not alone in their Lego love (although they are much more into it than my DS). DS could NOT resist this set. I must say, I think Avatar is pretty cool myself, although this is what I was doing as DS was building:

I'm going to stop now before blogger gets all mad at me again. I will post the rest of the pix later INCLUDING the finished watermelon socks!


At 8:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok I want swing dancing pictures next!!!

At 10:29 PM , Blogger Cathi said...

Yay! I love the pics! Junior Pink loves Legos as well- he got the Batwing for his birthday and is still very possessive of it. I love all of the sets they have, and while sometimes I balk at the price, they're so worth it.

At 11:28 PM , Anonymous Stacy said...

Yay!! I can comment!!
Hope your head's feeling better!

At 4:07 PM , Blogger Sourire11 said...

aaaah legos - those were (are) my fav. toy! I hope you're feeling better - and I can't wait to see the finished watermelon socks!


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