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Friday, December 22, 2006

Here is a little Holiday fun!

OK, so my DS got this at school and it was so fun to do that I thought I would share. The following is a list of "alternate" wordings for the titles of very common Christmas songs/carols. See if you can figure out what their "true" titles are. Hey,how about if any of you get all the answers (or whoever gets the most) before I post the answers on the 25th will get a prize! (prize yet to be determined. . if there is a tie, I will enter all those names into a drawing. .)

To make it fair, do NOT post any answers in the comments. Send your answers to me at jdammons AT yahoo DOT com. Feel free to comment otherwise here as you see fit. I am trusting that any other parents who did this exercise and already KNOW the answers will quietly exempt themselves from the contest (I trust you all. . .) Here goes:

1. "Bleached Yule"
2. "Only yearning for the double anterior incisors"
3. "Righteous Darkness"
4. "Arrival time 24 hundred hours - Weather cloudless"
5. "Loyal followers advance"
6. "Far off in a feeder"
7. "Array the corridor"
8. "Small male percussionist"
9. "Monarchial Triad"
10. "Nocturnal Noiselessness"
11. "Red Man en route to city"
12. "Frozen precipitation begin"
13. "Proceed and enlighten on the pinnacle"
14. "The four-legged animal with the vermilion proboscis"
15. "Question regarding the identity of an infant"
16. "Delight for the planet"
17. "Give attention to the melodious celestial beings"
18. "The dozen festive 24 hour intervals"

and last but not least

19. "Icy the frozen rain guy"

Have fun, Merry Christmas and Good luck!


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