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Friday, September 01, 2006

So, here is so more news from over in packing up land

AACHK! So much to pack. BTW, friends can be evil sometimes, y'know? For example, I have totally and absolutely LOST ALL CONTROL over my yarn purchasing. Truly. About 1 month or so ago I bought 26 skeins of Cotton-ease. 26 people! All at once. YIKES!

THEN, even though I have more sock yarn than any other human being alive, I succombed to the allure of STR and finally was able to get 2 skeins (Lucy and County Clare) colorways. I couldn't help it. I was sick at the thought of not owning any of it.

So, why are friends evil? Because AMY tempted and taunted me today with Vesper Striping Sock yarn and I succombed. I am now expecting a skein of the sweetwater colorway. Can you believe that? She KNOWS how much I have wanted vesper sock yarn and she also knows that I am NOT in any condition to resist yarn stash enhancement. How could she do that to me knowing that I just recently joined this self-help group?

Thanks babe (as if I needed any help whatsoever to buy yarn). Sheesh!

Anywhoooo, we are packing everything - well, almost everything - up in the house that won't be absolutely needed until our move down to NC.

So anyhow, I'm taking a break as I was truly hyperventilating over how much stuff we need to get through. How can 3 people accumulate so much "stuff", huh? The plan is to pack it up and get it to the storage unit so that the house will be ready for proper showing. During the time that we are waiting for it to sell I can then go through stuff in the storage unit and discard, sell, donate or keep things as necessary but now? Now it's pack it up regardless like movers do. The goal is to get the house empty and ready.

So, I'm taking a break for now. I'm uploading my I-pod with past episodes of Chub Creek, and Quirky Nomads, . I love these shows. Thanks Dave and Sage for some good stuff to pack to (you guys are keeping me as sane as possible).

And now what? More vacay pictures:

This is now my utmost FAVORITE picture of the boys. Let me explain the shot. We took DS to the Louisville slugger plant (very cool btw) knowing that you can order a personalized bat that is ready for you at the end of the tour. It's really cool b/c you can pick not only the length of the bat, but the finish as well. You can also have your signature laser engraved on it OR you can have them engrave your name with your choice of font. Actually, you can also have a professional ballplayers signature (if they have allowed it) as well. So, DH and I knew we were going to do this and decided we would surprise DS. I entertained him at the gift shop while his Dad "got us our tickets" and then we all went on the tour.

Now, during the tour, they mention the whole personalized bat thing. Like, THREE separate times. Ugh! We thought for SURE DS was going to ask for a bat. We finished the tour and went to the "museum". It is a collection of artifacts and of actual bats used by famous players (Babe Ruth, Lou Gehring, etc, etc.). Some where even autographed. They have a bat there autographed by Babe Ruth that is on loan from a family that found it in a closet of a parent's house that is autographed and dated with the date of the last game he ever played. How cool is THAT?

Anyhow, when we finished with the museum, I once again took DS to the gift shop while DH "went to the bathroom". I thought for sure DS would ask for a bat. He looked at me and said "Mom, do you think that we could buy something small with the Louisville Slugger logo on it? Maybe even just a sticker?" My heart melted. I was so proud of him for not going overboard and asking for the bat. With a bursting full of pride heart I said to him "Let's wait and see when Dad gets back".

Upon his return, DH motioned to me to bring DS to the lobby. He said to DS "Hey, while I was coming back, one of the employees thought you might want to take a swing with a real Louisville Slugger bat and gave me this one for you to try". DS took it and took a few swings. After a couple of swings, DH stopped him and said "why don't you look to see whose name is on it?". The picture above is of the moment just after her realized the bat was his and he looked up to his Dad to say thanks.

I am the luckiest Mom in the world.


At 3:40 AM , Blogger Suzanne said...

I think you guys are awesome parents which is why you have an awesome son!

At 7:57 AM , Blogger amylovie said...


At 6:08 PM , Blogger irishmama said...

You do have a great son, but I think it reflects what great parents he must have.


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