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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tha FAB Lolly has done it again!

Lolly always comes up with the best ideas. So now, I am participating (along with all the other stuff!) in the Project Spectrum. How cool does that sound???? I must start thinking ahead although I think I already know what my first project will be (tee hee). You will all have to wait and see what it is!

As far as knitting, I have completed sock 1 of my 2000 socks first sock pair (huh?) Anywho, I've 1 down and 1 to go on pair #1 and I am casting on for sock #2 after I am done here. Yeah. I am really enjoying this pair. I am trying Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the blue/brown pattern colorway. I like it. Not like the ones I did in the denim (I still don't get why everyone but ME liked those?).

I have picked up my beaded shawl again. Yippee! I forgot how much I enjoyed knitting on that since I put it down for the christmas teacher gifts.

Lastly, I started another cabled knit purse, this time in cranberry (it will have black handles and a black velvet ribbon). This will be gifted to a very wonderful and generous coworker who gifted this to me out of the blue for xmas. I was going to make her something from the book but she commented on how much she loved my purse, so purse it is!

I love to knit! Did you all know that???


At 9:02 PM , Blogger Lolly said...

You are too much! Thank you for all of the sweet words - I am just so glad you are participating, and already thinking about your creations for Project Spectrum. It is going to be great! ;)

Thank you, J. You are so kind!!!

At 12:07 PM , Blogger Erin said...

The beaded purse is beautiful! And I can tell you love knitting, the tone of your post is so upbeat and infectious. And that's infectious in a good way! :)

At 3:21 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

Hey Gal! I wish I could join in on all of these fun KAL's. I'm learning that when you own a yarn shop, you don't have time to knit!

I met the woman who owns Knitters Mercantile in Columbus. Ever been?



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