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Monday, January 23, 2006

I throw myself at the mercy of the court!

"I Confess, I Confess!" I cry out in shame after coming to the realization that I am a criminal. Yes my friends, aware of it or not, I was a THIEF! Completely unaware but nonetheless a THIEF!

I was guilty and now shamedly confess to stealing. . . . . BANDWIDTH! I didn't know I was doing it, I swear! Here's the scoop,

It was brought to my attention today by Julie that I was 'hotsynching' from her site to use her button on my blog. "I am WHAT???" asked I incredulously. We had a very nice and informative little email chat about bandwidth stealing and what that entailed. Seems like I had inadvertently done this to her with one of the webrings I belong too (knitting blogs webring to be exact). She was kind enough to explain how to fix the problem and I remedied the situation toute suite! (sp?)

So, after feeling horribly weighed down with the bad karma of being a thief, I checked all the other buttons on the blog. Seems as if I had done some correctly and done some others incorrectly! Aghast! I was a thief multiple times over! YIKES!

Needless to say, I have very quickly remedied the situation for ALL the pix on my blog and now have a crystal clear conscious regarding my honesty.

Seriously though, I truly had no idea what 'hotsynching' was and that I was so guilty of it. I have fixed them all and I apologize to all of you that I may have wronged.

Friends still??????


At 3:42 PM , Blogger Sheryl said...

Well, you didn't do this to me because I still haven't figured out how to get buttons on my blog. I have tried, what I thought was the right way, only to have nothing show up. Bloggers, especially knitting bloggers, are fun, friendly and forviging people. Not to worry!


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