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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Birthay BB!

Yep my FABULOUS little man turned 9 today. I love you so much my BB and all your goofiness, loving, caring, specialness of YOU! God blessed me so much by allowing me the privilige of being your mom. I don't know how I could ever go on living without having you in my life. I thank God for you every day. I hope you had a FABULOUS day.


At 6:58 AM , Blogger Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

Although I know that having a stranger from Texas send greetings will not mean much to a nine year old young man, I will send the greetings anyway. Happy Birthday!!!

And to his mom: It is terrific that your blog will contain such a great record of what has been happening in his life and your life. I have just been going through old boxes of mementos and school papers,etc. They are all dusty and deteriorated. Amy's drawings from when she was 3 or 4 are precious but falling apart. I wish I had been able to save images of them that won't brown and fall apart with age.

At 8:51 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

Happy birthday BB!!! And congratulations to his mother & father for rearing such a wonderful son.


At 9:18 AM , Blogger Liz said...

Happy Birthday BB! Many happy returns!


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