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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Which Harry Potter character are you?

Tee hee! You guys all know how much I LOVE a 'good' quiz. Here's a new one I found. Go to this site and take the quiz. These were my results:

You scored 34, on a scale of 0 to 100. Here's how to interpret your score:

25 - 42 You're dreamy and absent-minded, though you often show startling intelligence. Sometimes you're Luna Lovegood, Harry's spacy acquaintance; at your best, you're Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, far more serious-minded than your behavior might imply.

I don't know about the Dumbledore thing, but Luna? Yep! I can see the resemblance.



At 1:13 PM , Blogger Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I made a score of 28, which put me in the same category as you. But it doens't really sound like me. Maybe Amy can see the resemblance.


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