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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blogging, etc., etc., etc.,

The following is a comment that I just made on The Knitty Gritty for her post asking the question: Has blogging about knitting (or just blogging in general) enhanced your knitting? If blogging has been a benefit to
your knitting, how? If not, why?
I thought that it was an interesting enough post that I am copying and entering my comment below. Proceed as you wish.

Oh yes, I guess I am not the only 'can-opener' around. There are plenty others waiting and ready to let all those worms out and free! - WARNING: the following rantings are just one person's beliefs and should not be misconstrued as anyone elses. Also, said person (me) respects any and all opposing views/beliefs. You have been duly warned. You may now continue.

Blogging?, I think that it has helped me, not so much in improving my knitting per se, but moreso in exposing me to what others are doing and how to stretch and challenge myself. I feel more 'connected' to what is going on in the knitting world and not allowing myself to get pigeon holed into just one aspect or type of knitting/knitting experience.

I blog and read others blog to enrich my SELF. Would I like to see more traffic on my blog? Well, duh! There is always that child in us that wants acceptance and love and to 'fit in and belong'. Do I feel the rush of excitement when I get notified that somebody 'out there' has commented on my blog? Well, I would be silly to even think of denying that for the same reasons I noted above. However, that said, I still blog. I blog b/c of the (few) but precious friends I have acquired through blogging. I blog b/c I feel a bit more focused in my knitting and myself when I do. I blog to keep up with what's going and to make myself vulnerable to rejection b/c only in doing so do you have the opportunity of being accepted. I blog to keep track of what I am doing, going through, experiencing.

To blog is to keep fresh and new. To blog is to write things down and then let them go. To blog is to smile with, cry with, share with, and vent with others who may (or may not) have a word of encouragement or advice.

Should people blog? That's a personal question. I think that there are probably phases to blogging (much like a marriage) for anyone who blogs. E.g. The honeymoon phase when the world is your oyster and everything is good and right. The "what the heck was I thinking" phase when you can't believe you even started the whole thing. The "well, this isn't what I dreamed of but it's not all that bad phase" when you get slighted and embarrassed at your naivetee (sp?) about what this would really be like. The "I'm in love all over again phase" where you get re-energized and focused on what is at hand. Etc, etc, etc, . . . . .

The bottom line is that blogging is a different experience to different people and to make things that much more complex, it is a different experience at different times for each individual blogger.

However we all look at thisphenomena, one can never and should never judge oneself (or ones blog) by how popular they/it are/is or by how many friends/visitors they/it have/has (say THAT three times fast!). Do for you and your blog what you and your blog want/need. Quality not quantity should be the goal. No visitors? What the heck, be proud of what you write and accomplish and enjoy the fact that it is all out there for anyONE who may enjoy it.


At 11:21 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

I agree with you.

I started blogging just to keep track of my projects. Making cyber friends has been a wonderful and unexpected side benefit of the blog.


At 11:47 PM , Blogger laurel said...

Absolutely perfect - you've managed to capture just how I (and a lot of others, I'll bet) feel about the whole blogging thing. Thanks!

At 9:23 AM , Blogger Liz said...

I agree with you 100%. In fact, this comment on Annie's site made me want to come to your blog!

I expounded on my own comment as I felt I didn't want to bore folks!

On another note, my hubby was in New Orleans and Mississippi from 9/5 - 9/9 helping to restore communications for both the relief efforts and the military to help expedite relief operations. Just being able to communicate with one's family makes sucha huge difference psychologically for people who have been displaced.

At 9:57 PM , Blogger Ma said...

Absolutely, like you said I do LOVE a comment now and then, but I blog for myself. I get about 8 hits a day...and I am okay with that. I went thru a phase where I wondered why my blog wasn't more popular, but really I don't mind. I have always been an "outside the circle" kind of gal anyway. I am comfortable here. I welcome others into my life with my blog, and I appreciate bing welcomed, likewise, into theirs.

My knitting has indeed improved. I have asked questions on my blog a few times and thankfully, thoe times I have always received a comment or 3.

But really...I just like blogging. I have always been a journal/diary type, but my handwriting shames me. This works for me. This is comfortable. And when it lets me meet other interesting bloggers, and have these little comversations...all the better.


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