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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Go and VOTE please!

OK, so I am a bit of a Disney lover. NOT a real die-hard but pretty good fan nonetheless. However, I am a die-hard fashion lover. So, put those two together and you get the lovely blog Disneybound.

Leslie, the genius behing Disneybound, puts together the most amazing themed outfits I've ever seen. You should really check out some of her creations. So very cute.

So, right now, Leslie has been chosen and is in the running for a contest on BBM Challenge Council. She really deserves your votes so, if you would take a moment and jump over here to give her a vote, that would be wonderful. Oh, and enjoy all her creations while you are there.

Good luck Leslie!

BTW, can someone PLEASE explain Tumblr to me? I've tried to go on several blogs but I just don't understand the concept. How do you comment? Why can't I see some of the blogs there? What is it all about? I'm so behind the times. . . .


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