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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Random Meme

OK, so I got picked for the 8 random things meme by Katherine from Fuzzy Love so, without further delay here they are:

#1) I HATE to read newspapers. I've never been able to hold them right and turning the pages is a pain in the arse. Let's not even start talking about the ink all over your hands or your clothing (if it's white - fuggedaboutit!). YUCKO! (except for the comics. Comics are cool)

#2) The only saving grace for the newspaper (except the above mentioned comics) are the coupons. I love me my coupons. Ooh, and if I can score a sale item with a coupon on a triple coupon day (my grocer always doubles) I am happier than I really should be. (I know, I'm weird)

#3) I can double cross my legs and it's so comfortable to me. I don't know how I do it, I just do.

#4) I have to figure out how to help my DS make a scale model, no bigger than 2 feet tall, of This lighthouse. It's a great one and it will be fun but I only have a week and a half to get it done. Augh! Did I say that there are only 3 1/2 weeks left of school? (we did go and get a styrofoam cone today at Wally World)

#5) I have to drink a can of coke each night at bedtime or I can't fall asleep well. It's weird but it works for me.

#6) Bananas cut up in tomato soup is one of my fave things that comforts me and takes me back to my childhood. YUMMY! (Hey, don't knock it without trying it first, kay?)

#7) Aneurysmectomy is my favorite word, nursing or not. Don't ask me why. Don't know. Just like saying it.

#8) 8 is my favorite number.

Okey, dokey. I tag Erin, Jeanne and Jessica.


At 10:25 PM , Blogger Katherine said...

Hey, I can double cross my legs too. It's sort of comfortable.

Wally World. *snort*

Uh, good luck with that lighthouse project. ; )

At 2:12 AM , Blogger Erin said...

Bananas in tomato soup?? I'll have to try that sometime!

At 8:11 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

I won't touch a newspaper either. I hate the texture of the paper and the ink.


At 11:39 AM , Blogger Cathi said...

I love the newspaper- but mostly for the puzzles (And coupons too, of course). And I can double cross my legs too, although I get all paranoid about varicose veins- is that even true, that you get them from crossing your legs?

At 1:13 PM , Blogger Jenifer said...

Not that I'm stalking your or anything :) -- but I saw your question on cathi's blog and thought I'd answer -- go to Michael's for one of those vases that you put the plant and the bettas in ... I've got one at home. :) Hope you're well!

At 4:47 PM , Blogger Sourire11 said...

Ack! I guess I'll actually have to do this since you tagged me ;-)

hope you're having a wonderful season finale week!


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