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Thursday, February 22, 2007

What to do, what to do

Aye, aye, AYE! What is a girl to do? Tonight is going to be a tough juggling act. Let's see @ 8 pm there's American Idol vs. Survivor and then at 9 pm there's Grey's and CSI. Well, 9 pm is really easy. I need to see how Meredith relays all the near-death experiences to the other characters. What IS Izzie going to say or do about Mer getting the chance to see and speak with Denny again? CSI is on the DVR and hubby and I will watch either after or another night.

Now, 8 pm is a whole different ballgame. Sigh. I think the deciding factor is going to be whether or not the hubby is home by 8 pm. He's not into Idol although he watches with DS and I. We are ALL into Survivor so, if he's here we'll watch that. Otherwise, DS and I will be intently watching Idol and guessing who's gone (I say it should be Nicole and Amy for the girls and for the guys I say Rudy and Sanjaya although Paul is in trouble as well).

All of these are of course on the DVR recording list so it's not like I won't see any of them. It's just WHICH one will I see live (uh, besides Grey's - tee hee)

BTW, does ANYONE know where I can get this dress???

I LOVE that dress. Did she look HOT or what? Ugh, how do I google that?????


At 6:40 PM , Anonymous Chrispy said...

If there is an outfit you are dying to know about, there is a blog called frugal fashionista. Send them an email and they will find out or find a similar item at a reasonable price.

At 9:21 PM , Blogger Cathi said...

Hey....Rudy is a graduate of my high school! Granted, I didn't watch (nor have I ever, really) AI, but I'm rooting for him just the same!

At 10:36 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I agree that it is a fabulous dress! Just watched Greys and have to say I'm a tich disappointed in the episode...not the whole thing, but several parts I rolled my eyes over. I hope I'm not falling out of love w/ that show : (

At 8:20 AM , Blogger Amy said...

I was doing some eye-rolling, too. I dunno, parts of it kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

At 9:26 AM , Blogger irishmama said...

ddxWe watched Idol, have'nt seen Grey's yet as I'm the only one that watches it, so I'll watch it today when noone is home.

At 4:49 PM , Blogger amylovie said...

Sanjaya is toast.


At 5:04 PM , Blogger Sourire11 said...

I'm with everyone on the eye rolling... it just got a little too... much... at times.

Although I'm super excited to watch the McSteamy pact play out. I highly doubt he can go 60 days! I mean, really, that's a LOOOONG time....

and yes, that dress is adorable. I'm a huge fan of Blake (is that the beat-box guy?) already!


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