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Monday, March 27, 2006

What's on your Ipod??? Plus a cool bonus.

OK, I am stealing from my friend Amy from Good to be Girl as I thought this would be a fun one to play along with. The idea is to put your ipod (or whatever MP3 you use) on shuffle and write down the 1st 10 songs it plays. here are mine..

1. Slipping away by Big Bad Zero
2. We both reached for the gun by Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger (Chicago Soundtrack)
3. She's Not Innocent by Antigone Rising
4. When I'm Up by Great Big Sea
5. She Lived here by Antigone Rising
6. If I had a boat by Lyle Lovett
7. Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick
8. Changes in Lattitudes by Jimmy Buffet
9. We shall be free by Garth Brooks
10. Beverly Hills by Weezer

As you can see, my taste in music is as eccentric and quirky as I am! AND that didn't even bring up any of my Big Band/Swing, classical or latin music. Sheesh! What a whacko huh? ;->

On another completely NON knitting topic, all I can say about this is AMAZING!!! How can people be so talented? I thought that I was pretty coordinated but now I am bowing to this man. DS stood there mouth agape and wanted to watch it twice!


At 10:51 AM , Blogger Suzie said...

Cool idea! I might have to steal the ipod idea, since I'm not so up to blogging right now. BTW, thanks for your kind words on my last post. I really appreciate it!!

At 6:51 PM , Blogger Esther said...

Thanks for the tip! I will look out for the pee pads! I must say he has been better today, only peeing in one spot and waiting until we take him out. He was in the bathroom for 7 hours today and waited until we got home before he went. He's a good little guy! :)

Love the music on your ipod. I might have to steal your idea too. My allergies are killing me and I'm hardly up to posting!


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