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Saturday, January 07, 2006

What an awesomely cool idea. . . .

Y'know how you always are thinking "how can I spread my love of knitting around?" (well at least I'M always thinking that). And then, personally, I've always enjoyed a really GOOD piece of graffiti that looked like it took some time, effort and artistry. Well, what do you get when you mix the two thoughts? What you get is Knitta. These two Houston based ladies are out to cover the world with their brand of graffiti, namely a variety of knitted items such as tree, lamppost or car-antenna cozies as well as knitted door handle cozies, etc. etc.

Isn't that an AWESOME idea? I first heard of these two ladies (AKrylik and PolyCotN - hahaha) via the Cast-on podcast. Then I found this article online and then from there went to their website. I truly LOVE this whole idea and am in awe of the two of them. Spreading their love of knitting around their city, providing a smile or a laugh and yet doing so in a completely nonpermanent, nonharmful, nonoffensive way. You ladies ROCK!


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