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Monday, November 21, 2005

Second time in as many months. . . .

I'm in the paper again. They don't show them online, but they ran a picture of the patient wearing her hat and a picture of me at Birds knitting on a cap. Funny, I've never been in the paper my whole life and this makes it twice now. I was glad for the story as I hope to be able to gain more volunteers for the patients, more donations of yarn and more business for the shop. I love that shop. Gotta help them out whenever I can, y'know?

On the knitting front, I finished another baby cap. I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to the mom so I will just describe. This one was another blue and white one for the newest baby in my unit's family. I used cotton ease and lion brand suede. Nice combo actually. Very soft lines with the suede in it. This hat was especially dear because the baby was a bit premature, had to stay in the hospital longer than mom and then returned to the hospital less than 12 hours after being discharged. He was VERY sick with a blood infection and had to be life-flighted to our local children's hospital. He was a tough little booger though and is now home and raising all sorts of heck. You GO Sam!!

I have now set a precedent. Every nurse on my units knows that I will knit them a unique baby cap when a baby is born (child or grandchild). It's kinda cool actually because they 'get' how I let the cap tell me what it wants to look like. Problem is that a couple of the moms now want hats to match their babies. YIKES! That may be a bit much. We'll see.

I got the yarn for my Charlotte's Web. If any of you remember, I had bought 5 skeins of Koigu PPPM way back when while on vacation in Toronto. I had decided then to do it all in one colorway. It's in my stash. I've been thinking about it. I want to do the 5 different colors. So, off I went and ordered more KPPPM online. Tee hee! I am such a yarn ho! Really, it's bad. Aweful actually. I could open up my on mini shop and be in business for a few months before I had to get more inventory. Really. No, REALLY! I would be embarassed to even begin to shoot pix of the stash. Besides, DH would die if I pulled it all out at one time.

Last but not least, I received the second set of my stitch markers from the Switch Marker Swap. Here they are:

Aren't those so cool???? I love the way the wire is wrapped around the bottom beads. Very Very cool. Thanks Mandy. I just love them!


At 6:24 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

Both of my girls were premature, and the hospital had handmade hats for them to wear. A necessity to keep those babies with no body fat warm. I still have them and cherish them.

Don't feel bad about your stash. There is always someone else out there that has more than you. (Do you remember my flashed stash??)


At 11:11 AM , Blogger emy said...

That's just so sweet of u to offer to knit caps for them.

At 1:48 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

You are very welcome Jannett! I hope that they get put to good use!

At 8:45 AM , Blogger Lolly said...

That is so sweet about the caps. So generous.

Lovely new stitch markers!

I wish you and the family a very happy Thanksgiving, Jannett! ;)


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