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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Obscenities to follow.. .be forewarned! ;->

The following posts contain images that may be offensive to some of my viewers. There WILL be YARN PORN. Please be advised and proceed accordingly. You have all been duly warned. Now on to our regularly scheduled program. . . . .

What is WRONG with me????? I have an illness, I truly do. I can NOT stop BUYING. I dream and I buy. I knit and I buy. I think I might just MAYBE want that yarn and I buy. HELP me. Stop the MADNESS!!!

Seriously though, when is enough, enough? I keep trying to find support and strength from my DH but he just smiles and says "it's OK honey, whatever makes you happy". What a guy, huh? In the meantime however, I am going to end up putting us into a pauper's home with all this yarn buying. Besides all the following yarns that I purchased over the last weekend, today I won an eBay auction for a (dare I admit it? OK, here goes). . . . a drop spindle and some agate wool roving. AUUUGH!!!!!!

Ok, so to make the following pictures even MORE obscene (doesn't seem really possible but it is my friends, trust me it is) you will NOT be seing an additional 4 skeins of koigu (2 in pink and 2 in green colorways) and 2 different sets of sock yarns (1 in pinks, cream and brown - napoleon ice cream like, and 1 other in blues & greens) because I gave them to my lovely sit n knit friends Royal Amy (seam-stressed from my links list) and my Sensay (sp?) Cheri (aka "polly pocket" from now on). So the obscenity was vastly greater than shown here. OK, here it is. . . . .

These are my 5 koigu's. I decided to make Charlotte's Web all in a single colorway. This isn't anywhere CLOSE to the colors. They are muted "earthy" tones. I will have to get a better shot. Posted by Picasa


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