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Friday, February 25, 2005

I think I might have gotten carried away

OK, so I put a few more pictures in than I intended to. But, at least I can show that I truly WAS knitting while I was gone! :-)

With that said, I have made good progress on "tempting". I hope to finish it in a week or so. DH has me nervous now b/c he says it looks too small to him. YIKES! I checked gauge and I followed the pattern. We'll see, I might have Denise's birthday present done extra early if it is too small.

OH well,

time to knit!


At 8:05 AM , Blogger amylovie said...

Hi Jannett,

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I can't wait to see your Tempting. I knit that project too. If you gauged it correctly, it will fit. I had the same fear, and it turned out fine.

I love all of the pinks and oranges you have picked out for your shawl. Looking forward to seeing it.


At 8:49 PM , Blogger knittingnurse said...


thanks so much for checking out the blog. If you will read the newest post you will see that I will be a MUCH better blogger!!!!

I FINISHED TEMPTING!!! It came out GREAT and I've had the chance to wear it twice. GOD I LOVE to KNIT!!!!!!!


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