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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

I was laying in bed trying to relax enough (and take enough drugs) to get sleepy. During my random flight of ideas while surfing the 'net it occurred to me (have no clue why - flight of ideas remember?) that Wednesdays usually get a bad rap. "Can't wait until humpday is over" is the general consensus. Let me try to explain:

It seems as though Mondays get the respect of being the first day of the week. Yeah, a lot of us don't like that but I know that there are a good many among us (goody two-shoers if you ask me) that like new, clean beginnings and every Monday is just a prize waiting to open up with all sorts of endless possibilities for the week. (Don't take me wrong, I'm no Brenda Ann Spencer but I'm not Pollyanna either). So, good or bad, Mondays are usually a significant day for most people.

Tuesdays. Ah, Tuesdays. Tuesday is the day after Monday. That means that all the aforementioned people who dread the beginning of the work week, now celebrate b/c Monday is over. The week has now started and the pressure of it being Monday is all gone. You are in the thick of it and all is good. (of course all the goody goods are probably still happy as clams because that's how they are).

Thursdays, now that's another highly anticipated day. It's signifies being just one day away from the end of the week. Joy and rapture. The goody goods are happy because they are approaching the end of another goal - a completed, successful week and the rest of us are chomping at the bit for Friday to come.

Friday. Fridays has it's own MOVIE. A MOVIE PEOPLE! That's how much people admire, respect and stand in awe of Fridays. 'Nuf said.

Do I even need to explain Saturdays and Sundays. Yeah, I thought not. I shall continue.

So, what does that leave? That leaves poor little misunderstoond and much maligned Wednesdays. When was the last time you heard anyone say "Man am I glad that it's Wednesday!" or "Wednesdays are so awesome!". Nope instead it's "I can't WAIT for today (our misconceived Wednesday) to be over." What do we call it most of the time? Poor thing, we don't even use it's proper name. Mostly we refer to it as "hump day". Really? Who want's to be known by a name that is also a slang term for fornication? Er, not me!

So, I've decided that here at Chez Knittingnurse, Wednesdays will now be celebrated. Wonderful Wednesdays they shall be called. And, what happens on wonderful Wednesday at Knittingnurse you might wonder? Well, Wednesdays are going to be my day of reflecting on what's wonderful in my life at that moment (ok, not that exact moment but you know what I mean). So in honor of my very first Wonderful Wednesday I present to you what is currently making me happy.

1. Temari. Love my Temari right now. It's very soothing and precise and just right.

2. My son. Yes, he's 13 and can be a pain at times but, he's generally a good kid, has a great and loving heart and thinks that I am the silliest Mom in the whole wide world (shhh - let's not spoil it for him, kay?)

3. Knitting. Well, if you've read this blog for any amount of time, or have gone back in the archives you understand. Moving on.

4.This Cereal. Have you guys had this stuff yet? If not, run to the store and get some. NOW. It's seriously delicious and it's relatively good for you (0gms of Fat, 0gms of cholesterol, 220mg Sodium, 26gms total carbohydrates and 3gms of protein. Heck! It's even a kosher/parve food! - Seriously, I wouldn't make that up)

5. Books that are about what I lovingly refer to as Vampire Smut. Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, Kim Hatterson's books, P.C. and Kristen Cast's House of Night Series and such. I can't wait until the beginning of the Trueblood series next month!

Yes, I know that my hubby isn't on there. But he's OOT and not returning until Friday so, if I am talking about what's making me feel wonderful and happy, he isn't because he can't and won't be able to until late Friday night. I'm sure he'll be making the list quite often.

Hey, guess what?!? I'm actually yawning so, TTFN!

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